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A McDonald's Egg McMuffin and hash browns.
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McDonald’s shook things up when the burger chain launched all-day breakfast Tuesday, extending McMuffins sales past the previous 10:30 A.M. cut off.

The move addresses what has been a central complaint among loyal McDonalds customers who want the chain’s breakfast options all the time. But unfortunately for true breakfast fanatics, the new all-day menu doesn’t come without some compromises. Stores won’t serve every single breakfast item past 10:30, and the restaurant is unable to serve both Egg McMuffins and biscuits at the same time, meaning there’s a regional divide in which stores carry which kind of food after the morning cut-off (the South gets biscuits and no McMuffins).

Are the new breakfast changes really the people pleaser they’ve been made out to be? TIME talked to some folks outside a local McDonald’s and they seemed genuinely excited to be part of all-day breakfast history.

“Ordering after 10:30 was absolutely worth it,” said Jeff Zalos, a public school administrator, who was making his second trip of the day when I caught up to him.

His enthusiasm was shared by Deborah Masey, a recent college grad, who was excited that a McDonalds breakfast no longer required rushing to her local franchise in the morning. “I never have the time usually, but having breakfast open all-day was wonderful,” said Masey.

Even the doubters were pleased. Alex Edinger admitted he wasn’t excited about longer breakfast hours at first, “but enjoyed having the option.”

But while customers seemed happy about the chain’s new policy, other restaurants weren’t so pleased. Denny’s, IHOP and 7-Eleven had this to say on the all-day menu switch:

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