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The Weirdest Products You Can Buy on Amazon Prime Day

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In honor of Amazon’s 20th birthday, the online retailer is hosting a blowout called “Amazon Prime Day” — think of it as Black Friday or Cyber Monday in July. Beyond the obvious products, such as LED TVs and Kindles, there are some sale items that may give you pause. Here is a glimpse at some of the most unexpected items being advertised Wednesday.

• manuscript sealing wax. (for those who think tablets are still only made of stone)

• a black fedora. (If you’re thinking of dressing up as Magritte’s “Son of Man” for Halloween)

• a “Beard Growther” from Beardfarmer.com. (Get a head start on Movember?)

• a game called “Stinky Pig.” (instructions: “Hurry and pass him before he randomly toots and you have to take a token!”)

• a five-pound bag of Dubble Bubble original pink gumballs. (Something to bring to the office!)

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