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June 9, 2015 8:00 AM EDT

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush picked up some $ Monday. Not cash—just the symbol, which is the email sign-off for new campaign manager Danny Diaz. The staffing change at the top came after several lackluster months and a week before the official launch. President Obama dealt another gift to his critics at a press conference, when he declared that the U.S. doesn’t have “a complete strategy” to boost the effectiveness of Iraqi forces against ISIS. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul takes a victory lap on NSA spying, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum calls a crowd of four people a success.

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Must Reads

Jeb Bush Shakes Up Political Team, Adds New Campaign Chief

After slow campaign start, the GOP front-runner makes a change [TIME]

Fight Against ISIS Militants Lags Because They’re Nimble … and the U.S. Isn’t
TIME’s Mark Thompson reads between the president’s lines

Struggles With Finances Track Marco Rubio’s Career
The Republican presidential contender has a trial-and-error approach to financial management [New York Times]

Scott Walker’s Revolt Back Home
Presidential ambitions sink Walker’s approval in Wisconsin [Politico]

Forget Voters: Presidential Rivals Battle to Win Over Billionaires
It’s all about money [Los Angeles Times]

Sound Off

“We don’t yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the Iraqis, as well, about how recruitment takes place, how that training takes place. And so the details of that are not yet worked out.” —President Obama to reporters Monday, discussing American efforts to beef up Iraqi security forces

“It’s a huge victory in that the president was told that he can no longer collect our phone records.” —Sen. Rand Paul taking a victory lap after the NSA spying showdown earlier this month

Bits and Bites

Lincoln Chafee’s absurd comparison on the fiscal impact of the Iraq war and the Bush tax cuts [Washington Post]

FDA warned drugmaker about Pain pill injection [TIME]

Santorum calls crowd of 4 in rural Iowa a success [Des Moines Register]

With chairmanship, McCain seizes chance to reshape Pentagon agenda [New York Times]

Supreme Court backs White House on Jerusalem passport dispute [New York Times]

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