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The Great Pot Experiment
Legalization keeps rolling ahead. But because of years of government roadblocks on research, we don’t know nearly enough about the dangers of marijuana—or the benefits

ISIS Is a Danger on U.S. Soil
The terrorist group poses a gathering threat

A Disunited Kingdom
Britain’s election could mean an unruly exit from the E.U.

Nepal Digs Out After the Quake
Those in the remote mountains face the greatest challenge

The Panama Canal Gets Grander
More than a century after it was built, the waterway grows to take bigger ships

The Culture

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David Letterman, Infinite Jester
As Late Show ends, its humor has gone viral

Jimmy Kimmel: Watching David Letterman ‘Was More Important Than Sleep’
Saying goodbye to an idol

Dave’s Top 10 Greatest Moments.
Classics from Late Night and the Late Show

Dave’s Top 10 Guests and Sidekicks

Behind the Music in Pitch Perfect 2
How the experts chose the right notes

Mad Max and the Stronger Sex
Eve Ensler lends feminist cred to the new movie

When Graduation Is a Finish Line for Parents, Too
The pomp is pretty—but getting through high school is much, much harder than it looks

10 Questions With Penelope Leach
The British child-care guru has written a parenting guide for one difficult experience


Chris Burden
Performance artist


Catching Criminals With the Cloud
How better software can help the police

No State Left Unturned for Clinton
The campaign is focusing on all states, red and blue alike—for now

Tragedy on the Rails
The Amtrak derailment in Pennsylvania prompts a debate on infrastructure and passenger rail travel

Gobbled Up
Verizon’s buy

Obama Struggles to Soothe Saudi Fears As Iran Talks Resume

Strength and Fortitude


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