Guinness-Flavored Potato Chips Have Arrived

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What do you think of when you think of Irish cuisine? Beer and potatoes? Sterotypes aside, you’re also kinda right, and these two are fantastic.

Shockingly, it’s taken us until 2015 to finally discover: Guinness potato chips. These unique crisps (as chips are called on the other side of the pond) are actually a British product, coming from Burts British Hand Cooked Potato Chips.

Two flavors are available: original Guinness and Guinness Rich Beef Chili. Both get their dark beer essence by being flavored with a “unique blend of roasted barley and hops.” According to Foodbeast, which gave the product a try at the Fancy Food Show, the results were “not bad at all.” They “taste pretty much like the bittersweet stout from Ireland.”

Throw in a bottle of Jameson and a Thin Lizzy album and you’ve pretty much got the whole of Ireland covered.

[h/t Foodiggity]

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