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The 30 Most Popular Baby Names That Are Also Foods

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A French court ruled recently that a newborn baby could not be named “Nutella,” reasoning that “it is contrary to the child’s interest to be wearing a name like that can only lead to teasing or disparaging thoughts.”

A thorough TIME investigation did not turn up any evidence of a Nutella being born in the United States since 1880, the earliest year for which baby name data is available from the Social Security Administration. (Pre-1880 Nutellas are unlikely; Nutella was developed in the 1940s). By comparing the most-recent set of newborn names against a list of 25,369 foods (mined from Wikipedia), we did find 30 other gourmet names that were given to American babies in 2013. Only names that show up at least five times in a given year are publicly reported.

Name Gender Number (2013) Apple Female 27 Basil Male 56 Basil Female 21 Berry Male 5 Bison Male 5 Brie Female 51 Candy Female 62 Chardonnay Female 5 Curry Male 7 Danish Male 6 Dasani Female 34 Dasani Male 9 Dijon Male 19 Evian Male 8 Evian Female 8 Heinz Male 5 Hennessy Female 62 Honey Female 57 Kale Male 257 Kale Female 5 Kipper Male 6 Maple Female 44 Pike Male 6 Romaine Male 6 Rye Female 5 Shiraz Male 6 Skyy Female 94 Skyy Male 7 Sundae Female 7

This list does not include names like “Clementine” and “Rosemary” that are common enough not to be automatically associated with food.

Looking to name your child something non-food related? TIME can predict how popular a name will be in the next 25 years. Check out the interactive below.


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