This Miraculous Machine Lets You Turn Water Into Wine

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Jesus could do it, and now so can you. Introducing the Miracle Machine, a device that, along with an accompanying smartphone app, lets you make wine in your very own home.

It would look and function like your average countertop appliance, and though it’s still in its funding stages, the expected price is $499. Here’s how it would work: you download the app (compatible with iOS and Android) and pick a recipe. Then you add water, along with yeast and grape concentrate (which you have to purchase separately from the Miracle Machine website), and sit back and let the device’s fermentation chamber work its magic.

After that, you’ll keep an eye on the app for updates, and then add finishing powder that will make your wine taste like it’s been aging for several months. You’ll have to wait about three days until your phone alerts you that your concoction is ready for imbibin’.

In the video above, the machine’s creators offer an in-depth explanation of the technology that powers the gadget. The most important thing to know, though, is that you get to take WATER and turn it into WINE.

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