Sriracha Pringles Are Here

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Sriracha is a new Pringles flavor and is only available at Walmart, Kellogg has confirmed to TIME. The product started shipping at the end of February.

The market has already been peppered with sriracha-flavored vodka and candy canes, and even inspired a new kind of Lay’s chip and Subway sandwich. In December, food safety regulations prompted fears of a shortage, making the condiment even more of an “IT” ingredient, as TIME wrote in January. The article also noted that changing demographics and consumer tastes have been more receptive to spicy flavors over the last few years:

“According to a report from Technomic, and food and beverage consulting firm, more than half of consumers (54%) said that hot or spicy foods are appealing, compared to 48% in 2011 and 46% in 2009. Younger diners ages 18 to 34 were most likely to crave spicy menu items, but polls indicate that spicier foods are hotter across nearly all age demographics.”

Indeed, as Quartz reported in Oct. 2013, hot sauce is one of the top 10 fastest growing industries in the U.S., boasting more than $1 billion in global sales.

Perhaps another reason sriracha has become so desirable is because it literally makes its fans happier. From a scientific standpoint, the satisfying, irresistible taste has to do with a molecule in the red chilies called capsaicin, according to the American Chemical Society: “The body responds to capsaicin’s burn by releasing a pain-killing endorphin rush, kind of like the one a jogger feels after a long run.” But will sriracha Pringles make consumers this happy, too?

(h/t The Impulsive Buy via The Consumerist)

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