Oscar Mayer Is Now Selling Lunchables for Adults

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If you’ve ever secretly craved Lunchables as an adult but had to resist buying them to avoid public shame (and private self-loathing), then today is your lucky day, because Oscar Mayer has officially begun selling Lunchables for adults.

These grown-up versions of everyone’s favorite portable midday meal aren’t called Lunchables, though. They’ve been rebranded with the more adult-friendly name Portable Protein Pack, or P3 for short. Fast Company offers some analysis of the company’s rebranding strategy:

To sell Lunchables to adults, Oscar Mayer needed to solve two problems, stigma and health. The social stigma of an adult eating Lunchables was easy enough to solve: just call it something else. But applying to adult’s health consciousness was a bigger problem … How do you package what is, in essence, Grade D cheese and meat ends to a health-conscience audience, then? You deftly sidestep the health issue entirely by marketing them not as snack boxes but as energy packs.

These glorified Lunchables contain meats, cheese and nuts and come in a few varieties: turkey, chicken or ham, paired with either cheddar or Colby-Jack and peanuts or almonds. The packs are on sale at grocery stores at a suggested price of $1.79

We’re pretty sure this is everything Liz Lemon — world’s foremost lover of ham and conveniently-packaged foodstuffs — has ever dreamed of.

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