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December 07, 2016

There’s a myth out there that expensive private colleges give alumni an edge when it comes to pay. But in fact, the data show that for many kinds of students, public universities seem to do a better job of producing, higher-earning students. We’ve found 11 affordable public colleges where the average graduate earns more than $100,000 a year within 15 years of graduation—without the time or expense of graduate school. See the list here.

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Money-Saving Advice for College Parents and Students

Student loan forgiveness set to cost taxpayers billions more than expected
If you’ve got federal student loans and you’ve signed up for one of the so-called “Income-Driven Repayment” options, here’s some great news: The federal government is on track to start wiping out billions of dollars of those debts as soon as 2018. (Here’s our advice on whether you should sign up for such plans.)

If you’re a taxpayer, however, you might be a little alarmed, since the total could reach more than $100 billion. MONEY

Weirdest college football trophies
This is fun: Our colleagues at Sports Illustrated put together this list of the strangest college football trophies. See Floyd the pig and other oddities. Sports Illustrated

How much are you paying your college president?
Almost 40 private college presidents made more than $1 million in 2014 -- the latest year for which data is available. (As it turns out, just three of the 25 highest paid leaders are female.) Chronicle of Higher Education


This Week's Deadlines and Scholarships

Featured Scholarship
Burger King awards dozens of scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 -- and you don’t have to work there to apply. You do need a GPA of at least 3.3, though. Deadline is Dec. 15. More info

Upcoming deadlines
Dec. 21 is the last regular registration date for the Jan. 21 sitting of the SATs.

Jan. 1 is the regular application deadline for many colleges.

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