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November 30, 2016

Want to make sure your presents will have a prime spot in the dorm room? MONEY has a list of can't-miss presents—from comfy, washable shoes to bike gear—that your college kid is sure to love.

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This Week's Important Deadlines and Scholarships

Best public colleges for out-of-state students
A growing number of public colleges are trimming out-of-state tuition prices to attract students from other states. The deals could save you thousands of dollars. See MONEY’s list of the states colleges offering the sweetest deals to out-of-staters. MONEY

How to pay for college abroad
If your student is attending college overseas, you'll need to understand a few important rules and strategies to avoid getting dinged on taxes or currency fluctuations. MONEY

Sell shares in yourself to pay for college
Trading college funding for a percentage of your income after graduation is a controversial idea. But if you’re interested, here’s a list and cost analysis of programs now available. MONEY

Most teens can’t tell fake news from real
For the sake of our democracy, our kids need to be able to tell fact from fiction -- but they can't, a new study finds. Wall Street Journal

 Why your Olympic-caliber swimmer won’t get a sports scholarship
The Chronicle of Higher Education reveals just how scarce sports scholarships are, especially for athletes in non-marquee sports. (Translation: That's everything but football and basketball.) Note: The story is behind a paywall. Chronicle of Higher Education

This Week's Deadlines and Scholarships

Featured scholarships
The National Space Club offers a $10,000 scholarship to a science student every year. Deadline is Dec. 2. More info

Upcoming deadlines
Dec. 1 is the regular application date for many colleges and programs, including the University of Illinois, University of Washington, and fine and performing arts students at schools such as Rice and Stanford. (Non-arts students applying to private colleges typically have until Jan. 1.)

Dec. 21 is the last regular registration date for the Jan. 21 sitting of the SATs.

Jan. 1 is the regular application deadline for many colleges. So make sure to ask teachers and counselors for recommendations as soon as possible, to give them time to write something nice about you!

ABOUT KIM: Kim Clark, a senior writer for MONEY, paid for classes at four colleges—and degrees from two of them—with jobs, loans, scholarships, and lots of generous financial help from her parents and grandparents. She’s been covering the ins and outs of paying for college for almost 10 years.

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