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January 25, 2017

Hello, loyal subscribers: We here at MONEY have been thinking hard about the best way to provide you with advice, information and news about funding college. We’ve decided that it’s a more productive use of the college team’s resources to focus on writing articles and creating tools for everyone, rather than just the (presumably smarter, wiser, and better-looking) elite who subscribe to this newsletter. So this is the last issue of the Money College Planner newsletter.

But don’t despair: You can still get MONEY’s objective news and advice—covering college and other areas of your financial life—on Money.com, and from our print magazine.

And if you liked this newsletter, you’ll love the other ones we’re continuing to produce, especially “Retire With Money,” edited by my thoughtful and wise colleague Penny Wang, and our weekly “Ask the Expert,” in which knowledgeable sources answer pressing reader questions. Click here to learn more about those and other informative Time Inc. newsletters.

If you have ideas about subjects you think we should cover, feel free to email me at Kim_Clark@moneymail.com.

Thanks for reading. But before I finish this email, I’d like to share with you this list of links (suitable for saving) to some of our most useful college funding tools and stories.

Best wishes,

How to find high-value, affordable colleges:

Our “Find Your Fit” tool is the first web tool that lets you build your own college rankings. It allows you to screen for colleges that offer what you are looking for—including everything from location to sports and major offerings—then rerank them according to factors you select, such as merit aid generosity or post-graduate earnings.

Our “Affordable College Finder” is the first tool specifically designed to identify schools that are reasonably priced for students from the roughly one-third of American families earning up to $48,000.

How to get more financial aid:

Everything you need to know about the FAFSA, which features, among other things, our popular “7 Legal Ways to Squeeze More College Aid Out of FAFSA

7 Smart Steps to Appeal for More College Financial Aid

MONEY's Best Scholarships for College

How to prevent student loans from ruining your, or your student’s, life:

20 Top Colleges Where Most Students Graduate Debt-Free

5 Steps to Keep Student Loans From Ruining Your Life

How to Choose The Best Student Loan Repayment For You

7 Things You Can Do To Avoid Student Loan Headaches

How to keep your family together in the face of high college expenses

How to talk with your spouse and kids about how much you can pay for college

How to tell your kids you can’t afford their dream college

Thanks for reading!

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