The Brief

Amazon Holds News Conference
David McNew—Getty Images

Amazon Sales Surge

The company's first-quarter sales increased 23 percent compared to last year, but only represented a modest financial gain in the end, given CEO Jeff Bezos' long-established policy of reinvesting Amazon’s revenue back into the company to keep prices low

NY Super PAC Limits Abolished

A Federal judge ruled that state restrictions could not overcome First Amendment scrutiny, given Supreme Court's stance on campaign finance

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting at his office in Jerusalem, on Jan. 12, 2014.

Peace Talks Are Off

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a unity deal between rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas "a great reverse for peace"

Crisis Talks On Ukraine Are Held In Geneva

U.S. Prepares Stringent New Sanctions for Russia

John Kerry accused the Russian government of "distraction, deception and destabilization" in eastern Ukraine Thursday, laying the groundwork for the U.S. to impose painful economic sanctions and warning that the "window to change course is closing"

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Tour Australia And New Zealand - Day 4

Bilbo No He Didn't: Jackson Renames Hobbit 3

Director Peter Jackson made a last-minute title change while editing the final Hobbit film, which until now had been referred to by the studio as There and Back Again, to the un-Tolkien-like Battle of the Five Armies

A Google trademark is reflected in Apple logo in this photo illustration taken in Berlin

Google and Apple Settle in Wage Fixes Lawsuit

Four major tech companies, including Intel and Adobe as well, were accused of agreeing not to poach each other's employees in order to drive down wages. The companies admitted to having a no-hire agreement but denied that wages was their motivation

Equality Unscripted - 2014 Park City

X-Men Director Bryan Singer Denies Sexual Abuse Claims

The director called accusations that he sexually abused a teenage boy between the years of 1998 and 1999 in California and Hawaii "outrageous, vicious and completely false." Singer will forgo the press tour before the X-Men premiere

Asian workers wear mouth and nose masks while on duty during a football match at the King Fahad stadium, on April 22, 2014 in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia Reports 4 More MERS Deaths

Nearly 300 people have been infected so far, including a 65-year-old Turkish pilgrim in Mecca, a city to which millions of Muslims will make the Hajj later this year, worrying health experts about the virus's spread internationally


Measles Outbreaks Have Hit 13 States This Year

This year, the U.S. has seen the most measles outbreaks since 1996, the CDC said. Of the 129 people infected, with highest numbers in California, New York and Washington state, the majority were not vaccinated or did not know their vaccination status.

Michael Pineda

Yankees Pitcher Suspended 10 Games

Before umpires discovered pine tar on his neck at Fenway Wednesday night, Michael Pineda had already been warned by the Red Sox about using the grip-enhancing substances to throw the ball. Lots of pitchers use pine tar, but most are better about not getting caught


FDA Approves a More Precise HPV Test

A new human papillomavirus DNA test for women aged 25 or older uses samples of women's cervical cells to look for 14 high-risk HPV strains, specifically at the strains with the greatest risk for developing into cervical cancer


VICE Journalist Freed in Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky, a reporter for VICE News, was freed on Thursday evening by the militants who captured him during his reporting trip in eastern Ukraine. The militants in Slavyansk are still holding numerous prisoners, including Ukrainian journalists