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Sandra Bullock Could Make $70 Million for Soaring in ‘Gravity’

'Gravity' Photocall  - The 70th Venice International Film Festival
Elisabetta A. Villa—Wire Image Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, star of the Oscar contender sci-fi survivor thriller Gravity, was paid $20 million up front for her work on the film and then promised 15% of the film's box office winnings, which is shaping up to be quite the paycheck

Sandra Bullock went to space and all she got was a $70 million payday.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the Oscar-nominated Gravity star may make at least $70 million for Gravity, since her deal with the studio included $20 million up front and then 15% of whatever the studio makes at the box office.

It’s a more generous deal than most stars get, since it was signed in 2010 as Bullock was fresh off her Oscar win for The Blind Side, and Angelina Jolie had just dropped out of the movie.

Gravity, which is expected to make more than $750 million at the box office, is already on track to be the most profitable of this year’s Oscar-nominated movies, and may even make more money than all the other Best Picture nominees combined.


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