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‘Black Mass’ at Harvard Canceled Amid Outcry

The planned re-enactment of a satanic ritual intended to mock the traditional Catholic mass had been widely denounced by school administrators and Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley

Harvard’s reputation for elite students and world class education generally doesn’t include satanic worship.

Harvard Extension School’s Cultural Studies Club wanted to perform a black mass reenactment on the school’s campus until an uproar forced it to change plans. The club’s planned re-enactment of a satanic ritual was canceled, amid backlash from students, alumni and the Archdiocese of Boston.

However, a scaled-down version of the event was apparently held at the last minute late Monday by members of the New York-based Satanic Temple off campus at a local lounge, according to the Boston Globe. That event was not sponsored by the Harvard club.

Watch the video above for more on the ritual that was historically performed to mock the Roman Catholic Church.

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