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This Is the ‘Miracle Material’ That Will Change Everything

It's called graphene, and it's found in your No. 2 pencil

The material that’s at end of your pencil could rewrite the way our technology works. That material is graphene and it makes up graphite, which you’ll find at the top of your pencil. It has the potential to make technology stronger, better, and faster.

Watch materials scientist Ainissa Ramirez explains how graphene could change everything in the video above.

TIME Culture

How a French Dancer Rebuilt Her Career After Injury

"I just knew that was it. I just had to be a dancer."

Dancer Karine Newborn knew she wanted to be a professional dancer since watching her mother dance as a little girl in Paris.

Her career as a dancer took a sharp turn though after suffering an injury while performing on Broadway. The single mother and dancer found herself unable to continue her career as a dancer, putting her in a financial bind.

Newborn used the money she received from a settlement to open her own dance studio, Brooklyn Dance Project, and start an after-school dance program.

“To me making it is not being a big star and being a big name,” says Newborn. “I just love the craft.”

TIME espionage

How Real Is the Threat of a Cyberattack?

The threat of a state-sponsored cyberattack on the U.S. is inevitable and could potentially destabilize the global system

TIME editor-at-large Ian Bremmer explains how cyberattacks from state-sponsored hackers and terrorists pose a risk for the U.S. government and financial institutions. Hackers are able to uncover state secrets, trade information and technology ideas.

TIME Foreign Policy

Watch President Obama Speak About Fight Against ISIS

Due to speak from the Pentagon

President Obama visited the Pentagon Monday for a briefing on the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as the U.S. attempts to reverse advances made by the Islamist group in recent weeks.

TIME El Salvador

Meet the Crocodile ‘Nanny’ Who Is Trying to Preserve the Species

The crocodile "nanny" acts as mother to newly hatched crocs

Rangers at the Barra de Santiago nature reserve in El Salvador are working hard to preserve the American crocodile, which is on the brink of extension in the area. In addition to doing educational outreach programs, Jose Antonio Villeda, a park ranger, has personally taken on the task of preserving the species by caring for baby crocodiles, AFP reports.

Villeda, known as a crocodile “nanny,” asks local residents to bring him crocodile eggs that they find, and then he takes care of them for 85 days until they hatch. He then raises the crocodiles for approximately two months.

“What is gratifying is that we now have a real crocodile population. We have gone from five to more than 200,” Villeda told AFP.

The crocodile population in the area has significantly decreased as a result of hunting and egg consumption, prompting park rangers in the 1990s to begin monitoring crocodiles’ nests.



TIME States

Why This July 4th Will Be The Biggest One Yet

The numbers don't lie

As Americans prepare to toast the Founding Fathers and the spirit of 1776, the American Pyrotechnics Association has estimated that this year’s sales of sparklers, cones, fountains and other “backyard” fireworks could exceed $725 million, a record for this category of fireworks.

But that’s not the only dazzling number to expect for this July 4th. From purchasing 700 million pounds of chicken to spending $1 billion in beer, Americans will celebrate their independence on a larger scale than ever this year.


TIME Solutions That Matter

Graphene: The Material Of Tomorrow

Meet the wonder material that is one hundred thousandth of the thickness of a human hair, yet is a hundred times stronger than steel. Graphene has been called "the most exciting material of the 21st century," yet we have barely scratched the surface of what it is capable of doing


Watch President Obama Announce Cuba Embassy Opening

The U.S. and Cuba re-established diplomatic relations earlier this year

The United States and Cuba will open embassies in each other’s capital cities, formally rebuilding diplomatic relations for the first time since 1961

TIME White House

Watch a Mashup of President Obama Getting Heckled

"As a general rule, I am just fine with a few hecklers—but not when I’m up in the house"

President Obama is no stranger to hecklers.

But, every man has his limits. Watch the video above to see how the Commander-in-Chief has responded to various interruptions throughout his two terms in office.

One key takeaway: You can heckle him all you want, but when you’re an invited guest to the White House, too much heckling can get you thrown out.

As Obama said after being heckled at a recent event at 1600 Pennsylvania: “I am just fine with a few hecklers—but not when I’m up in the house. You know what I mean? You know, my attitude is if you’re eating the hors d’oeuvres—you know what I’m saying?”


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