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Know Right Now: Human Waste on Mount Everest Creates an Environmental Issue

Nature's call maybe not be good for nature

Climbers are leaving more than just their footprints when they traverse Mount Everest, especially when they need to “use the bathroom.” People leave behind large amounts of fecal matter and urine every year.

Watch the Know Right Now above to find out more, and read more here.


Watch Live: Democrats Respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benajamin Netanyahu’s Speech

Democrats are holding a news conference to respond to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on his opposition to an Iran nuclear deal.

Watch it live above.

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Know Right Now: LAPD Shoots and Kills Homeless Man

The disturbing incident was caught on camera by a bystander

A homeless man was shot and killed by the Los Angeles Police Department on Skid Row Sunday. Watch Know Right Now to find out more.

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Watch Dakota Johnson Mock Fifty Shades of Grey on SNL

With musical guest Alabama Shakes

Fifty Shades of Grey actress Dakota Johnson pulled on her comedy roots this weekend for her first Saturday Night Live hosting gig.

The star of the erotic romance novel-turned-film joked in her monologue that “I have a feeling at next year’s Oscars, [Fifty Shades] is going to be … not anywhere.” The actress also once again begged her mother Melanie Griffith to see the film.

The episode, featuring musical guest Alabama Shakes, also showed Johnson in a contentious parody of a Toyota Camry ad, in which she plays a fresh high school graduate heading off to join ISIS.

Watch her opening monologue below:

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Watch an Exclusive Clip From the Documentary Wild Home

A Vietnam War veteran learns to live again by helping care for exotic animals

We started filming Wild Home without a concrete idea of what it was going to be. My mom’s friend told us about a Vietnam vet she occasionally volunteered for, deep in the woods of Mount Vernon, Maine. She told us how he and his wife Julie had created their own world where they rehabilitated tigers and other mistreated exotic animals. My brother Robert and I decided to make the hour drive from our hometown to find them. The moment we met Bob, we knew we’d found someone special. Growing up in Maine, you meet a lot of loners with fascinating stories, but I’d never come across anyone who’d overcome so much and somehow found his way back to the world.
When Bob Miner returned from Vietnam, he didn’t want anything to do with people. Bob was shot three times in the war and suffered a series of strokes that left him in a wheelchair and unable to read or write. Without sufficient programs to transition him back to civilian life, he bounced around the country staying with friends and relatives until he ran out of money and returned home to Maine. For a long time, he lived alone on a backwoods farm with no company except for the goats, sheep, and pigs that he raised.
Bob got a reputation in his local community for his ability to care for animals. People began bringing him injured wildlife to rehabilitate. Over time, his animal kingdom grew to become a refuge for more exotic animals. A hyena that had been rescued from a basement apartment in the Bronx. A tiger who was so malnourished that, when she was delivered to Bob, no one thought she’d last through the week.
Eventually, there were too many animals for Bob to care for on his own and volunteers came to work at the farm. One of these volunteers was his future wife, Julie. Bob and Julie hit it off instantly and were married within six months of meeting. With Julie’s help, Bob began giving tours to local school groups. To Bob’s surprise, teaching people about the animals brought him back to the world. The tours gave him a way to connect to people again.
Wild Home is a film that explores the nature of redemption and the healing power of love and perseverance. Bob’s story shows redemption not as a pivotal sea change, but as a quiet and deliberate process. He is a reminder that we don’t have to forget or even overcome the past. We just need to find something to hold on to, someone to love, and the courage to share that love with the world.
Jack Schurman is an Emmy Award winning director and cinematographer from Brunswick, Maine. Jack is a regular documentary contributor to TIME Magazine and Sports Illustrated. He directed 9 episodes of the Emmy nominated, Eppy Award and Luce Award winning documentary series “Underdogs” presented by Sports Illustrated and Powerade.
His debut feature film, “Wild Home” had its world premiere in September, 2014 at the Camden International Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. The film has been featured in People Magazine, Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed.
TIME 2016 Election

Watch Live: Jeb Speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference

Jeb Bush is set to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday.

Watch the speech live above.


Know Right Now: ISIS Destroys Artifacts at Iraqi Museum

The video was apparently recorded at a museum in Mosul

ISIS released a new video purportedly showing the destruction of several ancient artifacts in a Mosul museum. Watch Know Right Now to find out more.

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Know Right Now: Washington, D.C. Legalizes Pot

Four other states have already legalized recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana use and adult possession (up to two ounces) became legal in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, but there’s still no way to legally buy the drug. Watch today’s Know Right Now to find out more.


Watch Chris Christie Speak at CPAC

The Republican governor of New Jersey is scheduled to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference at 1:00pm Thursday

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