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WATCH: Amy Schumer Says This is the Funniest Sketch of the Season

Warning: don't drink water while you watch this scene.


Amy Schumer says this sketch from Episode 5 (which just aired Tuesday night) is her favorite of the whole second season of her Comedy Central Show, Inside Amy Schumer. It doesn’t hurt that her comedian friends Scott Adsit, Parker Posey, and Jim Norton guest-star, and her sister Kim Caramele helped her come up with the most memorable sketch. When you see “Acting Off-Camera,” you’ll see why.

“It was my sister’s idea,” Schumer says of the scene. “Because of union rules or whatever, my sister [Kim Caramele] couldn’t be an official writer this season. But she helped produce this scene. She’s the funniest person I know. And she’s also a producer on the movie I’m making with Judd Apatow.”

At first, Schumer and her team weren’t sure Comedy Central was going to let them put a meerkat vagina on the air. “We wrote it and pictured it but then to see the animation, it was just… AHHH!”

“We were like, ‘okay I have to say that my character has a pussy. It’s an exposed vagina. How can we get them to not blur this animated meerkat vagina?'” she said. “Then we remembered that Tosh [who also has a Comedy Central show] had a bare vagina on one of his episodes.”

BOOM! Equality!

Once you’ve gotten over the vision of Amy Schumer as a grotesque meerkat, the scene is actually pretty spot-on about how some women tend to be overly optimistic when they rationalize the way they look. “Everybody is so ready to think that they’ve made it and they’re gorgeous. I feel like I always think ‘oh maybe I’m really beautiful I just haven’t found the right hairstyle,'” she said. “And so when they’re like ‘it’s you, Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox’ of course I’d be like ‘oh yeah! I could see myself running with those two.'”

For more of Amy Schumer’s thoughts on sex jokes, joking while dating, and her fight over vagina-naming rights, check out the rest of our interview here.

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