The early morning sun rises behind the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC.
Mark Wilson—Getty Images
By Maya Rhodan
April 22, 2014
  • Happy Earth Day! TIME talks to Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz who will toss out the first pitch at a Red Sox game on Tuesday in honor of Earth Day [TIME]
  • Not a single Republican has mentioned Earth Day in Congress since 2010 [National Journal]
  • Keystone pipeline may be big, but this is bigger [NYT]
  • Keystone route ruling should be overturned, Nebraska says [Bloomberg]
  • Court orders U.S. to release memo on drones, al-Awlaki killing [Reuters]
  • Spy agencies told to plug media leaks [WSJ]
  • The Aereo Supreme Court case is about to change TV forever [TIME]
  • “Vice President Biden pledged American support Tuesday to help Ukraine stage a successful presidential election next month and to defy Russian economic pressure, but he also warned Ukrainian leaders that they must confront the nation’s rampant official corruption to meet the high political demands of a frustrated public.” [Washington Post]
  • Obama’s strategic shift to Asia hobbled by pressures at home and crises abroad [NYT]
  • “The Supreme Court will consider Tuesday whether an anti-abortion group can challenge an Ohio law that could have restricted it from publicly accusing a political candidate of voting for taxpayer-funded abortions in Obamacare.” [Politico]
  • Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices [New Yorker]
  • GM’s recall troubles haunt former executive’s run for Congress [TIME]



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