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You’re Going To Want To Watch This: Camera Falls From Airplane, Lands In Pig Pen, Keeps Recording

Sorry, pigs, GoPro cameras are not edible.


When Mia Munselle found a GoPro camera laying in a pig pen on her property in Cloverdale, California, she did what most of us would do: She watched it. What she saw on the recorder was very surprising and decided to upload the content to YouTube. Over a million views later and it appears that the internet agrees.

What’s on the tape? The camera appears to have fallen from a plane. After recording its descent, it survived the landing and ended up in the middle of Munselle’s pig pen, where one of the inhabitants thought it was a tasty snack fallen from heaven.

The video is not only a testament to GoPro durability but also proves that pigs will gnaw on almost anything.

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