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The Funk Awakens When Daft Punk Meets Star Wars

Dance your helmet off

In this sleek new video, Infectious Designer mashed up Star Wars and Daft Punk — and appropriately titled it, “Darth Punk: The Funk Awakens.”

In the clip, Darth Vader and Boba Fett get EDM makeovers with glittering helmets ready to reflect the lights at Electric Daisy Carnival. They stalk the streets looking for their prey, eventually facing off with a black-clad street tough who shows no fear — even when they pull out their ultimate Wampa Stompa Mix (on cassette) and prepare their dance battle droid.

The video is filled with light sabers and a dance-floor ready soundtrack for those who want to unleash the funk and The Force on the dance floor.

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‘Burning Man: The Musical’ Is Now A Thing

It's techies vs. hippies set to a tune

Move over Downton Abbey, James Bond and even you, Donald Trump, there is a new musical in town: Burning Man: The Musical.

The comedy musical opened very off-off Broadway — on the internet, specifically — and is only five minutes long, but it packs a lot of action and surprisingly deep character development into its grand opening number. There’s the eager techie boarding a school bus bound for Black Rock City with visions of hanging out with Elon Musk and Google execs in his eyes. There’s the grizzled, wizened hippy and the starry-eyed girl bemoaning the loss of the Burning Man festival that was before “the techies came to plug n’ play” and singing about “when the playa was clean / and techies stayed in SOMA.” All that in just the opening number!

The second act offers even more with a tech coder who is trying to develop an app for drone delivery of water at Burning Man and ends up singing a heart-lifting number that asks, “What would Steve Jobs do?” Clearly Steve Jobs would watch this video.


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Watch John Oliver Argue for Stronger LGBT Civil Rights

According to Oliver, the U.S. still has a long way to go

Marriage equality is the law across the U.S., according to the Supreme Court. However, on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight John Oliver noted that there are still plenty of ways in this country to “ruin a gay honeymoon.” That’s because while discriminating against same sex unions themselves is no longer legal, in many states it is still legal to discriminate against gay people when it comes to housing or employment, and photos of a same-sex marriage could result in someone losing their job. In Oliver’s opinion the only reason someone should be fired after their wedding is if their theme was “stolen office supplies.”

The fact that discrimination based on sexual orientation is legal in various cases in 31 states may surprise people, said Oliver, showing a poll that said 71% of Americans thought employment discrimination was illegal. “That’s optimistic, but wrong,” noted Oliver. “Like thinking wearing vertical stripes are flattering or making your first condom purchase ‘magnum.’”

Oliver said extending civil rights to gay people should not solely be the provenance of the states, because while some ensure civil rights for all, other states adamantly do not. For example, Arkansas recently passed what Oliver described as an “anti-anti-discrimination” bill to prevent any city or county within the state to extend civil rights to gay people.

To test the water for a federal law banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, Oliver’s team reached out to all the presidential candidates but only heard back from four, although that included Rand Paul’s campaign who answered “We’ll pass. Thanks.”


These Pixar Pancakes May Be Too Amazing To Eat

Up, Brave, Inside Out and Toy Story look delicious

When Daniel Drake cooks pancakes, breakfast looks too good to eat.

The Internet’s preeminent pancake artist, who is better known by his YouTube moniker “Doctor Dan the Pancake Man,” has brought the world pancake versions of The Game of Thrones, The Avengers, The Beatles, Doge and much more. In his latest endeavor, he tackles the entire Pixar oeuvre, which takes more than 75 pancakes to fully capture.

In the video, he creates multi-color cakes of the entire Toy Story cast, including edible versions of Woody and Buzz. There are pancake representations of Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Wall-E, Cars, Up, Brave, and for those willing to eat an ant or a lady bug, there are characters from A Bug’s Tale, too. Ratatouille‘s harshest food critic, Anton Ego, would even be impressed by his pancake version.

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Comedian Bill Burr Joked About Caitlyn Jenner On Conan and People Aren’t Happy

Says he 'misses Bruce'

Bill Burr is known for his speaking his mind and he did just that on Conan Thursday night — and his comments are angering a lot of people.

The comedian used his time on Conan to comment on Caitlyn Jenner’s transition. In the segment, Burr joked about the size of Jenner’s breasts. He also said that he missed Bruce Jenner already and wished he had been given “a chance to say goodbye” to the Bruce Jenner he watched on the Olympics and CHiPs and “that horrible show his wife watches.” Burr also used the pronoun “him” to address Jenner and then waxed on about people’s sensitivity to pronoun usage.

Burr claimed he wasn’t “being a jerk,” but some people on the internet seem to disagree.

So far O’Brien’s team has stayed silent, although it does look like they deleted a tweet saying “Bill supports Caitlyn’s transition into a woman, but wishes he got a chance to say goodbye to Bruce” and swapped it for this:

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This Adorable Cat Looks Just Like a Vampire

Her name is Loki

Move over Bunnicula, there’s a new cuddly vampire pet in town. Loki the kitten has taken the Internet by storm, thanks to an owner who set up a few social media accounts dedicated to showing off the feline’s most surprising feature — teeny, tiny fangs. While most cats have sharp teeth, Loki has real fangs, albeit small ones, that hang out the side of her mouth making her look like the cutest little bloodsucker ever. Naturally, she’s earned the nickname of Little Vampire and she has hypnotized a whole legion of loyal followers eager to see what the little kitty will do next. Befriend Bunnicula, hopefully.

[H/T Woman’s Day]

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John Oliver Becomes a Televangelist and Finally Starts His Own Church

The satirical aim of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption will be to collect copious, tax-exempt donations

John Oliver is officially a church.

Upon finding out about mega-churches like those led by Kenneth Copeland and Robert Tilton, which earn millions of dollars every year but are exempt from paying taxes, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver did the only logical thing—he formed his own church. Specifically, he formed, Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption.

With a little help from Sister Wanda Jo Oliver, played by former Saturday Night Live star Rachel Dratch, Oliver’s church will collect copious donations while encouraging congregants to silently meditate on the nature of fraudulent churches.

To aid his followers in making their donations, Oliver delivered his ministrations right through the TV screen asking viewers with lupus to lay their hands on their television and pray with him—and then donate to his church.

The church looks to be completely real with services held every Sunday at 11pm on HBO and, naturally, donation boxes always open.

Those who choose to donate to Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption should be sure to read the fine print, though, which says that the church “may choose to wind down and dissolve in the near future. Upon dissolution, any assets belonging to the Church at that time will be distributed to Doctors Without Borders, a non-profit charitable organization that is tax-exempt under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 13-3433452) and which provides emergency medical aid in places where it is needed most.”

For more information, Pastor Oliver encouraged his most devout and devoted viewers to call a special number to hear a message for the masses:

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These Architects Are Fundraising to Build a Real-Life Lord of the Rings City

Wingnut Films Minas Tirith

They just need a couple of billion to do it

Attention Lord of the Rings fans: Minas Tirith might be real — eventually.

A self-professed “ambitious team of architects and structural engineers” has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary funds to build the fictional city created by J.R.R. Tolkein and visualized by Peter Jackson in his cinematic version of Lord of the Rings.

The architects ran the numbers and realized they would need approximately £1.85 billion (about $2.82 billion USD) to fully fund the project. Any leftover money would be used for the upkeep and maintenance of the new city of Minas Tirith and was projected to last until 2053. On their Indiegogo page, the team wrote, “We believe that, in realising Minas Tirith, we can create not only the most remarkable tourist attraction on the planet, but also a wonderfully unique place to live and work.”

The team has given themselves 60 days to raise the cash, which is as steep a climb as the stairs of Minas Tirith will be when the project reaches completion. To encourage donation, they’ve set up some attractive rewards. If you donate £100,000 ($155,800 USD) you earn the title of Lordship or Ladyship of the City, while a mere £3 (around $4.70 USD) donation gets you a follow on Twitter. At the time of publication, the Indiegogo campaign had raised more than £16,000 ($24,000 USD), but still had 48 days to raise the rest.

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Connie Britton Loves Amy Schumer’s Friday Night Lights Parody Just As Much As You Do

The wine was a hit all around

Earlier this year Amy Schumer released a sketch skewering rape culture through the lens of the beloved television show Friday Night Lights. In the video, Schumer stepped into the role of the football coach’s wife, lifting heavily from Tami Taylor, the role that Connie Britton originated on Friday Night Lights.

On Late Night Wednesday, Seth Meyers got the chance to ask Britton for her thoughts on the sketch. It would have been sad for those of us who love both women if Britton had been offended by Schumer’s parody. Luckily she loved it, saying she was “flattered and honored” by Schumer’s portrayal of Taylor. Britton’s favorite part of the sketch was watching Schumer’s ever-expanding wine glass. Turns out that Tami Taylor’s love of wine was something that Britton herself introduced to the character, so she was downright thrilled that Schumer picked up on it and carried the idea through to its logical plus-sized conclusion. Isn’t it great when everyone gets along?

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Bunny and Fawn Romping in Nature Prove Bambi Is Real Life

Disney's film was a documentary

Correction appended, Aug. 13

A baby deer and an adorable bunny playing together sounds like the stuff of Disney films (Bambi, specifically), but a new video proves that animation might be closer to reality television than we think.

A recent video taken by Bryan Knowlton at Colorado’s YMCA of the Rockies shows what may be the most adorable meet-cute ever. The fawn cautiously approaches the rabbit on the lawn, giving the bunny a good sniff before jumping back playfully. When the rabbit makes a little leap of his own, the game is afoot. Soon the bunny and fawn are zipping around the lawn. While the little deer seems to be having a blast, the bunny looks a little defensive and perhaps a bit frightened by the gangly creature literally fawning all over him. Luckily, the bunny’s not scared enough to run away, letting our Bambi fantasies live on.

Correction: The original version of this story misstated who filmed the video. It was Vicky and Steve Johnsen.

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