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This Baby Squirrel Broke Her Ankle and Got a Really Cute Cast

Apr 18, 2014

City Wildlife's rehabilitation center in Washington D.C. posted images this week of a baby squirrel in colored casts after it fell 75 feet from its perch in a tree onto the concrete sidewalk below. Found by a private citizen on April 8, she is expected to be fully healed in about a month, The TODAY Show reports.

Watch here to see our baby squirrel being fed! She is about 6 and a half weeks old and is fed every few hours. You will...

Posted by City Wildlife on Thursday, April 17, 2014

And here's another angle via WTOP:

The organization told The TODAY Show that a number of these injuries occur this time of year as the young ones try to explore life outside of the nest. In fact, maybe this one was trying to get a better view of the cherry blossoms.

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