Johnny Depp at the "Transcendence" Premiere at Village Theater in Los Angeles, April 10. 2014.
Jenna Blake—Corbis
By Maya Rhodan
April 18, 2014

The star of the new film Transcendence, about a man whose body dies but whose consciousness lives on in a computer, thinks we’re close to having that kind of technology become more than a movie plot.

“When you look at it’s kind of a sci-fi thing,” Johnny Depp said in an interview with MTV News. “But when you dig a little bit deeper the technology that we use in the film… is very close to becoming a reality and will be a reality in the next 30 years.

“[Transcendence] is a foretelling of what’s to come,” Depp added.

Well, let’s think. Watch-phones have become a reality. Robo-cops are on the horizon. Maybe Depp is right and humans as computers are next up. But if Terminator taught us anything, we should be worried.


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