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Your Toyota Prius Might Glitch Out and Stall

A Toyota Prius hybrid car.
Toyota Motors / AFP / Getty Images

The world's best-selling hybrid car has a software defect that could cause it to glitch out and stall while driving, and the car maker formerly plagued by spontaneous acceleration fears is taking no chances, recalling a majority of the Priuses ever made

A glitch in the Toyota Prius’s power system is leading the world’s largest automaker to recall 1.9 million units of its hybrid standard-bearer.

The voluntary recall is intended to fix a software defect that can shut down the hybrid engine system under “higher thermal stress” and stop the car, the company said. Toyota said no accidents have been caused by the defect, which mostly affects cars in Japan and the United States, reports the Financial Times.

The Prius is the world’s biggest-selling hybrid car at 4.2 million global sales, and the recall is a setback for both the Japanese carmaker and the world’s leading hybrid.


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