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Germany Failed to Pass on Warnings Before Plane Was Shot Down Over Ukraine

The catastrophe killed 298 people

German authorities knew of the danger of flying over eastern Ukraine before flight Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down last July but failed to pass on the warning.

Two days before the Malaysia Airlines flight was brought down, the German government was alerted that the situation had become “very worrying,” the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports, citing the downing of a Ukrainian air force plane at a height of about 20,000 feet on July 14.

The German foreign ministry cables noted the plane’s height and its vulnerability as a “new development” to the conflict. Targets including civilian aircraft would also have been endangered at that height.

Flight 17 was destroyed three days later on July 17, killing 298 people, a catastrophe that might have been averted had Malaysia Airlines known of the dangers.

Three Lufthansa planes flew over the area on the day of the disaster. “If the government had warned our companies of this ‘new development,’ Lufthansa would surely not have flown planes over eastern Ukraine,” a Lufthansa insider told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

A Dutch-led investigation says it is likely that the plane was shot down by a Russian-made missile launcher.

[Süddeutsche Zeitung]

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Bruce Jenner Wheaties Boxes Are Selling For Hundreds on eBay

Bruce Jenner finds his way onto the breakfast tables of America. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is shown in his youthful glory on the front cover of 'Wheaties' cereal boxes on sale now.
Splash News/Corbis Bruce Jenner finds his way onto the breakfast tables of America. The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star is shown in his youthful glory on the front cover of 'Wheaties' cereal boxes on sale now.

One unopened box of Wheaties is going for hundreds of dollars

Bruce Jenner’s iconic Wheaties box is for sale on eBay, if you’re willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars.

The former Olympic champion’s photo was on the front of the breakfast cereal after his gold medal victory in the decathlon in 1976. Jenner, who will continue to be referred to with male pronouns for now, came out as transgender in a recent interview with ABC, and it appears to have brought renewed interest in his cereal fame.

One unopened box of Bruce Jenner Wheaties is seeing bids as much as $255 with 5 days left, and another unopened box is getting bids up to $125.50.

The more enterprising Wheaties purchasers are even taking to social media to pitch the product for $500.

Jenner said throughout his struggle with being transgender, he’s always seen himself as more a woman than a man. “I look at it this way—Bruce always telling a lie. He’s lived a lie his whole life about who he is. And I can’t do that any longer,” Jenner said.




Now Google Can Tell You Whether Your Fashion Sense is Trending

The company's inaugural fashion report details what styles and garments are growing in popularity, based on search queries

Google really does know everything—including how fashionable your outfit is.

A new report by the search giant claims to reveal the fashion trend du jour by tracking how often different styles or garments are entered into search queries.

This year, for example, Tulle skirts have grown in popularity according to trending Google apparel searches by 34% from January 2014 to January 2015, and jogger pants are also apparently increasingly ubiquitous, according to the report.

Google distinguishes in the report between “sustained growth” and “seasonal growth” trends, like emoji shirts and kale sweatshirts. According to the report, peplum dresses and string bikinis are on their way out for good, while skinny jeans and corset dresses are just seasonally on the down-and-out. Jumpsuits and rompers are seeing a renaissance this spring.

Google’s insight into fashion trends has allowed it to begin consulting for major retailers including Calvin Klein, which use Google search data in fashion planning.

“We’re interested in being powerful digital consultants for our brands, not just somebody they can talk to about what ads they can buy online,” said Lisa Green, who heads Google’s fashion and luxury team, told the New York Times.

You can check out the report here.

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Clinton Foundation CEO Admits ‘We Made Mistakes’

Melinda Gates, Clinton Foundation Release Report On Status Of Women And Girls
Spencer Platt—Getty Images Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton joins her daughter and Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton (L) for the official release of the No Ceilings Full Participation Report which coincides with the start of the 59th session of the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women on March 9, 2015 in New York City.

Interim chief executive Maura Pally seeks to staunch growing controversy on donor disclosures

The Clinton family’s controversial charity foundation on Sunday defended its transparency and overall track record amidst growing scrutiny of its donors, even while conceding in a statement that it made “mistakes” in its operations.

A soon-to-be-published book by conservative author Peter Schweizer claims that some foreign and corporate donors benefitted from special treatment by Hillary Clinton’s State Department after donating millions to the philanthropy, and attention has turned recently to misfiled tax forms.

In a statement posted on the Clinton Foundation’s website, interim CEO Maura Pally said information misfiled in tax forms was disclosed elsewhere on the website. “Yes, we made mistakes, as many organizations of our size do, but we are acting quickly to remedy them, and have taken steps to ensure they don’t happen in the future,” she said. On the issue of why Canadian donors’ names weren’t published on the site, Pally pointed to a Canadian law that prohibits charities from disclosing individual donors without donors’ permission.

She also touted the philanthropy’s accomplishments, including combating climate change, lowering the price of HIV/AIDS-fighting drugs, among others. Despite the controversy, the Foundation’s commitment to transparency is “stronger than ever,” Pally said.

“When Hillary Clinton was appointed Secretary of State, we took unprecedented steps to avoid potential conflicts of interest by going above and beyond what is required of any philanthropy and instituted voluntarily annual disclosure of all of our donors on our website,” Pally said.

Even as Hillary Clinton and her allies showcase the Foundation’s philanthropic activities around the world, the $1-billion Clinton Foundation threatens to become an albatross to Hillary Clinton’s campaign to win the presidency in 2016.

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Chipotle Won’t Serve Genetically Modified Foods

A steak burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Hollywood, Calif.
Patrick T. Fallon—Bloomberg/Getty Images A steak burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill in Hollywood, Calif.

Chipotle is the first major restaurant chain to remove GMOs from its food

Chipotle on Monday becomes the first major restaurant chain to say “no” to GMOs.

As of this week, the 1831-restaurant fast food chain will only serve food that is free of genetically engineered ingredients, the New York Times reports, disdaining the use of crops whose DNA is altered to be resistant to pests.

“Just because food is served fast doesn’t mean it has to be made with cheap raw ingredients, highly processed with preservatives and fillers and stabilizers and artificial colors and flavors,” Steve Ells, founder and co-chief executive of Chipotle, said.

In 2013, Chipotle became the first restaurant chain to show which items contain genetically modified organisms, helping spur a movement among grocers, restaurants and food companies to label or remove GMOs in their products.

Genetically modified ingredients are found in baking powder, cornstarch, and a variety of preservatives, coloring agents and vitamins, making it difficult and often costly for restaurants or food producers to remove them from their food.

GMO foods have not been proven harmful to humans, but environmental groups say genetically modified crops may negatively impact the food chain and the environment.


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Jeb Bush Claims to Have Raised Record Funds

Jeb Bush
Seth Wenig—AP Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks to reporters as he leaves an event in New York City on April 23, 2015.

Bush did not name a specific figure, the New York Times reports

Jeb Bush, a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016, told donors at a Miami fundraiser over the weekend that he believed his allies have raised more money in 100 days than any other modern political operation in his party.

Citing unnamed sources who heard his remarks, the New York Times reports that Bush offered no specific figure but the total is expected to be in the “high tens of millions of dollars.” Though he has not officially announced his candidacy, the former Florida governor has a deep network of donors and is set to be a daunting contender in the presidential primary.

Read more: Jeb Bush: Next in Line

Bush is raising money primarily through his super PAC, a type of political operation created in the wake of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that can collect unlimited funds but can’t coordinate political activities with candidates.

Until he officially declares his candidacy, however, Bush can direct the spending of his super PAC.


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President Obama Attends the Annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live hosts this year

President Obama was joined on Saturday night by a cadre of celebrities and journalists for the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It’s the 101st year of the dinner, and the President was sure to crack some wise ones. Cecily Strong of Saturday Night Live was hosting the evening.

It’s a night for the President to make fun of his staunchest rivals, and take some heat himself from the host. Last year, he made fun of House Speaker John Boehner’s tan, the gridlock in Congress and Fox News.

“The Koch brothers bought a table here this evening but they used a shadowy right-wing organization as a front. Good evening, Fox News,” Obama joked last year.

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This year, expect anything from the Republican presidential candidates to the media to be fair game for friendly mockery.

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Google Deploys Person-Finder Tool to Help Survivors of Nepal Earthquake

The tool helps relatives find missing people

Google is helping to connect survivors with worried relatives after a catastrophic earthquake rocked Nepal Saturday morning.

The Person Finder tool, a missing persons database supplied with crowdsourced data, is intended to help people find those who were affected by the earthquake.

More than 1,300 have been counted dead after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed much of Kathmandu. Damage has extended to India, Bangladesh and Tibet, and at least 1,700 people have been injured.

Google Person Finder gathers information from responders and individuals, who can upload information for a missing person or someone who has been found, helping people locate each other. The search giant has deployed the tool before in times of disaster.

As of Saturday afternoon, about 1,700 records had been uploaded.

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New Airline Provides Only Nonstop Service

So far, just between two cities

A new airline featuring nonstop flights—and free Evian water—has taken to the skies.

OneJet’s nonstop flight service began April 6, flying from Indianapolis to Milwaukee, and the airline will add service to Pittsburgh to its list in early May. Its flights are all direct, and plus, there’s complimentary Evian and newspapers.

The company uses three seven-seat Hawker 400 aircraft to service the three airports, USA Today reports, and only schedules a flight if passengers book tickets.

The highest fare prices will be “two to three times the lowest coach fares” for connecting flights on other airlines, said OneJet CEO Matthew Maguire.

[USA Today]


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Ford Recalls Nearly 400,000 Cars With Doors That Can Fly Open

Ford traced the problem traces back to a Mexico plant

Ford is recalling 389,585 late-model Ford Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans after discovering a defect that can cause the doors to fly open while the car is being driven.

More than 200 complaints have been lodged just about faulty latches on Ford Fiesta subcompacts to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA Today reports.

Ford has traced the problem to models at its plant in Mexico. If a part called the pawl spring tab breaks, doors can’t be latched shut and can swing open without warning.

Ford says it knows of two injuries that occurred when doors ricocheted back against people, and another in which a door flew open and hit another car.

[USA Today]

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