Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Trailer Released

Crazy Eyes, Tastee, Red and more of your favorite characters from Netflix's Orange Is the New Black are still behind bars in the show's second season, per a new trailer released on Thursday. All 13 episodes will be freed on June 6

Netflix dropped a new trailer for the upcoming second season of Orange Is the New Black on Thursday. All 13 new episodes of the show are set to be released on Friday, June 6.

This season of the Netflix original prison drama-comedy promises the return of most of our favorite characters, including Tastee, Crazy Eyes and Red. There’s even a glimpse of Alex in the trailer (she’ll reportedly only appear in a few episodes this season).

The series premiered to critical acclaim last summer, and though Netflix does not release its audience data, it was rumored to have outpaced Netflix’s other popular originals, including House of Cards and the Arrested Development reboot, in viewership.

Netflix even filmed another video asking the show’s crew to sum up the season in three words:


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