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Sheryl Sandberg Told Stephen Colbert How Husbands Can Get More Sex

Sandberg talked about her book, the war on bossiness and the best ways to get busy

The Colbert Report
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In between talking about Lean In and more Lean In, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shared a useful bit of knowledge with Stephen Colbert on his show Wednesday. Namely, how people can get more sex.

Colbert asked Sandberg what she thought of a recent study that claims equal marriages in which men did more chores lead to less sex.

“That study is based on a 1996 study and it’s very outdated,” Sandberg said, explaining that happier people have bigger libidos. “I tell men, if you want to have more sex, don’t buy flowers, do laundry. And this works.”

Sandberg had some non-sex related advice for Colbert as well. When he asked about what he should be telling his daughter to provide her with tools for success, Sandberg said, “Look at your daughter and say ‘How do you lean in?'”

“Do I have to use the name of your book?” Colbert replied. “Because that’s great marketing.”

Oh Colbert, please don’t change when you take over for David Letterman at CBS.

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