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Portland’s Fedora-Wearing Hipster Bandit Has Finally Been Caught

Portland Police Department

He robbed two American Apparels and an Urban Outfitters in October 2013

Back in November 2013, we first encountered the “Nerdy Bandit,” a Portland hipster with chunky glasses and a fedora who robbed two different American Apparel stores and then an Urban Outfitters, brandishing a gun on his last outing. Now, he’s in custody.

The “Nerdy Bandit” was arrested on April 4. In his mugshot, he’s missing his signature glasses and fedora, but he still has a perfectly disaffected look on his face. Turns out even his real name is appropriately hipster: Thaddeus Lindsay-Woods.

Thad, as we like to call him, is a skinny white male with shaggy brown hair. He’s also described as having yellow teeth, the likely result of drinking too much fancy drip coffee. But even in the hipster Haven of Portland, the hat wasn’t enough to disguise him—police used a forensic sketch (pictured above) to find the thief.

Too bad, so Thad.

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