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Scottish Town Raises $8,000 for Statue of Stray Cat

Don't worry, he didn't die or anything


A small Scottish town has taken its love for a 14-year-old local stray cat to a bizarre extreme. The people of St Andrews, Fife, raised more than $8,000 USD to immortalize stray cat Hamish McHamish (yes, really) in the form of a bronze statue.

But don’t worry, this isn’t a memorial. Hamish is completely alive to revel in his metallic glory:

Hamish has been wandering the town for years and has gained a cult following. He has a Facebook, modest Twitter following, and he is even the subject of fan fiction. So obviously he was driven around town in a convertible to go to his statue unveiling:

Like most cats, Hamish could have been more grateful:

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