July 13, 2017


Daniel D’Addario’s July 10–17 dispatch from the set of the hit HBO series gave Thrones fans lots to discuss. Sean Sullivan of Fredericton, New Brunswick, appreciated the reminder of how much work goes into the show. “You sometimes forget there’s a guy whose main job is making shields and spears,” he tweeted. But Andrea Miller of Rehoboth, Mass., felt it was a “mistake” to feature the stars in runway styles rather than in the show’s “deliciously beautiful” costumes. Meanwhile, Vanity Fair’s Joanna Robinson zeroed in on what might be gleaned from the cold conditions in which D’Addario saw star Emilia Clarke filming a scene with a dragon: “Is this our first official hint of a meeting of ice and fire?”


The July 10–17 feature by Karl Vick on American teens’ declining interest in certain summer jobs jogged “pleasant memories” for readers like Beverly Whipple of Voorhees, N.J.–who worked for 15¢ an hour in the 1950s at the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., featured in the story. (Her children worked there too, she added.) And Michael Cartier of Scotts Valley, Calif., who took issue with the idea that one wouldn’t take such a job “just for the money,” wrote that his summer earnings made it possible for him to stay in college. But Nate Sirovatka, 18, of Portland, Ore., who wrote that he works summers but has friends who choose not to look for a job during those breaks, noted that these days “a summer job isn’t going to change our economic outlook when the fall rolls around.”


Test your knowledge of U.S. state shapes with TIME Labs’ new interactive quiz, which challenges you to draw all 50 with your computer cursor. Don’t worry, you don’t have to know where each state is; the program will place each contour sketch on a map and grade you according to how well your drawing matches the state’s real borders. Take the quiz at time.com/states-quiz


A new list of the top 25 most memorable kisses in LIFE’s archive of iconic photography includes this Bernard Hoffman image of a young girl–the daughter of a dog breeder–puckering up for a puppy. See the whole list at life.time.com

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