By Zeke J Miller
February 3, 2017

Week two of the Trump Administration was filled with so much drama that even the president was sick of it. After a tumultuous week set off by his immigration and refugee executive order, Trump took steps to right the ship. In an Oval Office meeting early this week, Trump told top aides that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is in charge and that they must respect his efforts to apply a rigorous process to White House policy announcements. It came after the order was rushed through the White House by aides looking to make a splash, and without sufficient interagency coordination or even a communications plan. It remains to be seen how long the forces of order can hold off the desire to shake things up inside the West Wing.

The White House is on defense over last weekend’s raid in Yemen which killed a U.S. Navy SEAL and multiple civilians on the ground. Former Obama Administration officials maintain that the interagency process wasn’t completed when the Trump Administration took over and quickly gave the order. The Trump Administration is arguing the opposite.

Ivanka Trump steps up her role in DC. New Iran Sanctions incoming. And the West Wing seating chart.

Here are your must reads:

Must Reads

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To order indefinite delay to “fiduciary rule” and review of Dodd-Frank regulations [TIME]

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White House Defends Commando Raid on Qaeda Branch in Yemen
As Obama administration officials raise concerns about prep [New York Times]

Ivanka Trump’s Dinner Party Diplomacy
The first daughter seeks ways to promote women in the workforce during D.C. soiree with business leaders [Politico]

Obama’s White House Worked for Months on a Plan to Seize Raqqa
Trump’s team took a brief look and decided not to pull the trigger. [Washington Post]

Sound Off

“This was a very very well-thought out and executed effort” — White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on the decision-making process for the Yemen raid

“Boy, would you like to see me fall off one of these.” — President Trump to the press as he welcomed Harley Davidson executives to the White House

Bits and Bites

See Whose Offices Are Closest to President Trump [TIME]

The Trump Administration Is Readying New Sanctions After Iran Test-Fired a Missile [Associated Press]

Senators Still Turn in Their Campaign Donations on Paper. This One Wants to Change That [Center for Public Integrity]

Donald and Melania Trump will be at Red Cross Ball [Palm Beach Daily News]

The Anonymous Pro-Trump ‘Decius’ Now Works Inside The White House [Weekly Standard]

White House nixed Holocaust statement naming Jews [Politico]

Soul-Searching at Clinton Foundation in Trump Era [New York Times]

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