US President-elect Donald Trump waves to supporters in Mobile, Alabama, during a 'Thank You Tour 2016' rally on December 17, 2016. (JIM WATSON--AFP/Getty Images) JIM WATSON—AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump May Not Be As Tall As He Says He Is

Dec 23, 2016

Donald Trump and Donald Trump's doctor say he's 6'3", but his drivers license apparently says otherwise.

A copy of the president-elect's driver's license, newly obtained by Politico, suggests that Trump is only 6'2" — and not 6'3", as he likes to say. He has previously spoken of his annoyance that so many media outlets misreport his stature.

Slate speculates that Trump may want to add an inch to his height to avoid being classified as clinically obese. Trump weighs 236 lbs, and if he's 6'3", that puts his BMI at 29.5-- overweight, but not obese. But if he's actually 6'2", which it appears he is, then that means his BMI is 30.3, which means he's officially obese.

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