By Sarah Begley
October 5, 2016

A float in an Indiana parade featured Donald Trump executing Hillary Clinton, plus a black Easter Island head labeled “Obama.”

Some criticized the float at the Aurora Farmers Fair parade on Saturday, with one woman, Penny Britton calling it “disgusting” and “racist.” But many people came to its defense, too, calling it a joke—and Britton now says she’s the target of anger in the community. “People have told me this is why they don’t like it when outsiders move to their town,” she told the Washington Post, “and I’ve been here 10 years.”

The float’s creator, Frank Linkmeyer, told a local ABC affiliate that it was “all in fun” and could just as well have depicted Clinton executing Trump. “It was a toss-up,” he said.

The Aurora Lions Club and the Aurora mayor both expressed regret over the controversy.

[Washington Post]

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