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How Dog Owners Can Keep Pets Safe From Canine Flu

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Kennels can be hotbeds for the illness

An outbreak of dog flu in Chicago, Illinois continues to plague pet owners there, and new cases have been reported in as many as 10 other states.

Much like influenza in humans, symptoms of the dog flu H3N2 include runny noses, coughing and fever—and in some dogs, even pneumonia and death. The number of dogs affected is impossible to gauge since there’s no organized system for testing and reporting this kind of pet illness, says Edward Dubovi, PhD, professor of virology at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. There are likely many more than the 1,000 estimated cases in Chicago, he says, since many veterinarians stop sending in samples for testing after they’ve confirmed cases in the neighborhood.

Many of the states to which the virus has spread have seen only one confirmed case, often from a dog that recently visited Chicago. So while it’s not necessarily cause for major alarm, “that’s not to say there isn’t the possibility of independent introduction of this virus in other areas,” Dubovi says.

Humans are not at risk for the disease, but in areas like Illinois where the virus is most problematic, people can take steps to protect their pets from the flu.

Keep your dog out of close quarters. High-population areas like kennels, shelters and doggy daycare centers are hotbeds for the virus. And though we think about flu being a cold-weather disease, the warm weather may actually be part of the problem in this case, since vacationing dog owners often board their dogs in kennels. Dubovi says we need more information before drawing a definitive seasonal link, but just as a crowded plane can expose passengers to human flu, kennels can exposes pets to the virus. When possible, dog owners should try to avoid putting their pets in these cramped conditions in affected areas.

Put Fido on a leash. If dogs in your neighborhood are sick, make sure your pet isn’t able to come into physical contact with them, reports USA TODAY. Vaccination may be a good option, depending on your veterinarian’s advice.

If you’re a veterinarian, practice good hygiene. To protect against spreading the virus from one sick dog in the clinic to other healthy dogs, vets and their staff should be extra vigilant about maintaining clean hands, clothing and equipment. He also advises veterinarians to try to find out where the dog has recently been to help determine how the disease is spreading.

“Unfortunately with influenza virus, you can’t predict what it’s going to do,” Dubovi says. But as people become more cautious, “we may see an end to it,” he says.

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Mike Huckabee Stands By Josh Duggar

"Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things"

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee supported Josh Duggar on Friday in the wake of reports that the reality TV star had molested five children when he was a teenager.

The former Arkansas governor wrote on Facebook that members of the Duggar family have his support, and that “today’s blood-thirsty media does not understand… that being a minor means that one’s judgement is not mature.” He stressed Duggar’s young age at the time of the incidents and that “the victims wanted this to be left in the past.”

“No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager,” Huckabee wrote, “but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility.”

Duggar said in a statement after the news broke that he “acted inexcusably.”

MORE Who Are the Duggars?

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Who Are the Duggars? Meet the 19 Kids and Counting Family

Josh Duggar's molestation allegations are casting his famous family in a new light

Fans of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting series were surprised Thursday when news broke that Josh Duggar admitted to having molested five girls when he was a teenager. The eldest son of the Duggar family promptly resigned from his position with the conservative Christian lobbying organization Family Research Council, noting that he regretted bringing the group “negative attention.”

But for those unfamiliar with the TLC program and the Duggar family, the news prompted a few questions about this unconventional clan.

So who are the Duggars?

The Duggars are an Arkansas family consisting, like the show’s title suggests, of 19 kids (and counting). The patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, 49, and matriarch, Michelle Duggar, 48, have been married since 1984. They have 10 sons and nine daughters, several of whom are now married themselves. All 19 have names that begin with the letter “J”: Joshua, Jana and John-David (who are twins), Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah and Jeremiah (also twins), Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace and Josie.

Why so many children?

Jim Bob and Michelle say they used birth control for a time when they first got married, then had Joshua, but went back on the pill after. Michelle nevertheless became pregnant, but miscarried. After that, they decided never to use birth control again, reinforcing their conservative Christian values. Their children are homeschooled, maintain modest dress and avoid sources of entertainment their parents deem inappropriate. When Jessa married in a recent special on the show, she and her husband shared their first kiss on their wedding day.

How do they look after all of them?

The family uses a “buddy system” in which an older child is assigned a younger child to look after, taking care of tasks like tying shoes, choosing outfits and helping out with homework.

What’s Josh’s role in the family?

Josh, 27, is the eldest son of the family. His wife Anna and their three children (all with “M” names) are featured on the show. Anna is pregnant again, with a baby girl who is due in July.

What’s next for the family?

TLC hasn’t yet issued a statement on the future of 19 Kids and Counting (the network previously pulled the plug on Here Comes Honey Boo Boo after the mother in that reality show rekindled a romance with a convicted child molester). Jim Bob and Michelle gave a statement to PEOPLE saying, “We pray that as people watch our lives they see that we are not a perfect family. We have challenges and struggles every day.”

Whether this development can be presented as a story of redemption for the Duggar family remains to be seen.

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Drinking Coffee May Fight Against Erectile Dysfunction

Researchers have found a link between higher caffeine consumption and lower ED

Good news for coffee drinkers: a few cups a day could help curb men’s risk for erectile dysfunction.

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston found that men who drink more caffeine (the equivalent of about two or three cups of coffee) are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than their peers who consume little or no caffeine, according to CBS News. Researchers can’t prove causality in this finding, but they suggest the correlation could be true because caffeine helps relax muscles and arteries, allowing freer blood flow.

The finding does not seem to apply, however, to diabetics, who face higher risks of erectile dysfunction.


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Hear What Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding Sounds Like as Interpreted by Coldplay

The band joined forces with the cast for NBC's "Red Nose Day"

Coldplay and Game of Thrones both have devoted fan bases. Bring them together and what do you get? A goofy yet adorable musical interpretation of the HBO series that’s sure to be enjoyed by both of their constituencies.

The band teased a musical version of the show’s infamous “red wedding” that, so far, looks a lot less tragic, violent and bloody than the George R.R. Martin version. Still, those “Bum, bum, bum, buppa duppa bums” must be building up to something sinister.

The musical interlude was a part of NBC’s Red Nose Day, a telethon to raise funds for children’s charities that has been a huge success in the U.K. for some 30 years. Coldplay penned several other songs for the event, including a Peter Dinklage piece about his character’s survival on Game of Thrones and a reggae number by Emilia Clarke about being a “Rastafarian Targaryen.” Variety reports that NBC raised more than $10 million in the Thursday broadcast.

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Watch Emilia Clarke Sing Reggae About Being Khaleesi

The actress took to the mic for NBC's "Red Nose Day"

We’ve seen Daenerys Targaryen spend time in tropical climates, but this is ridiculous. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke sang a reggae song about being a “Rastafarian Targaryen” as part of NBC’s “Red Nose Day” telethon to raise money for children’s charities.

The clip is a one of several songs penned by Coldplay for a Game of Thrones-themed musical, with other sketches including a song by Peter Dinklage celebrating his character’s longevity on the show.

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Watch Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant Reveal Their ‘True’ Voices

The gag was a sketch for NBC's "Red Nose Day"

We’ve come a long way from the days when certain silent movie actors couldn’t keep their careers alive after the arrival of talkies because their voices just didn’t work. But is it possible that some of our favorite actors really do have awful voices and are simply dubbed over to sound more appealing?

That’s the premise of one of NBC’s “Red Nose Day” comedy sketches, featuring Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Daniel Craig and Liam Neeson admitting that their voices are very different from what moviegoers have come to expect. Somehow, those romantic scenes in Notting Hill don’t work quite as well without their melodic tones.

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Watch Ed Sheeran and Kermit the Frog and Sing ‘Rainbow Connection’

The video was part of NBC's "Red Nose Day"

Kermit the Frog met up with his pal “Ed the Sheeran” to sing “Rainbow Connection,” an appropriate song to unite amphibian and human.

The performance was part of NBC’s “Red Nose Day,” a telethon fundraising tradition in the U.K. that has raised money there for children’s charities for three decades. NBC tried out its own version of the live variety show on Thursday, raising about $10 million according to Variety. That, as Kermit might say, is a lot of green.

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This Is How Many Guests Have Been on David Letterman’s Late Show

Ahead of the Wednesday finale, see the host's accomplishments by the numbers

CBS will say goodbye to David Letterman, longtime host of Late Show, Wednesday night. In preparation for his departure, the network put together a top 10 list—one of Letterman’s signature features on the show—tallying up his many hijinks over the last 22 years. The stats include some numbers that illuminate what a huge impact Letterman has had in his two decades on Late Show:

6,028: Number of shows he’s hosted

19,932: Total guests

4,605: Top 10 lists

112: Emmy nominations

16: Emmy awards

126: “Stupid pet tricks”

89: “Stupid human tricks”

The network noted that Regis Philbin takes the cake as the most frequent guest on the show, with Jack Hanna (who has delighted fans with furry visitors from the Columbus Zoo) in second place.

Letterman’s last show before retirement airs Wednesday night on CBS.

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