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This Mets Baseball Player Is a Bigger Friends Fan Than You

Sep 06, 2016

You may consider yourself a fan of Friends, but you’re not as big of a fan as Mets baseball player Wilmer Flores. On Sunday, the fan favorite infielder debuted a brand-new walk-up song: the Friends theme song, and the crowd at New York’s Citi Field happily clapped along as he walked up to bat.

It’s not that Flores is simply a fan of “I'll Be There For You” by The Rembrandts, or even holds the title of the world’s only diehard Rembrandts’ fan. It’s that he is truly a huge fan of Friends, which he started watching when he first moved to the United States to play baseball.

According to Newsday, when Flores was playing in the minor leagues, he would watch Friends religiously to help him learn English. From the show and his dictionary, he learned to understand the words of Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe, developing a deep love for the show and an abiding fondness for the characters. He’s now seen every single episode of the ’90s sitcom and still watches it every night before bed. It’s this deep love for the show that helped introduce him to American culture that inspired Flores’s new walk-up music. It’s enough to make you want to clap along.

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