By Olivia B. Waxman
March 25, 2016

Instead of pigging out on the cherry danish that she had at home, a New Jersey woman used it to lure a stranded piglet to safety.

Tamala Lester, director of the Barnyard Sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Warren County, told NBC New York that she had received a call from a motorist who spotted a reportedly scared pot-bellied piglet wandering along the side of a highway on Wednesday evening.

As she recalled the events of the night on Instagram:

5 minutes after getting home, I get a call of a piglet running loose at the Columbia Truck Stop. Passerbys stopped but could not catch her. So I went back out, armed with a cat carrier and a cherry pastry, which was all I had handy. Well, not quite sure how I managed to hang on, but I caught her!!

Lester also posted videos of the pig, now named “Cherry,” sharing a pen with “Delilah the Goat” and paling around with fellow rescued animals:


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