Watch a 106-Year-Old Woman Dance as She Meets the Obamas

Feb 22, 2016

Virginia McLaurin thought she would never live to see the inside of the White House. But on Thursday, Feb. 18, the 106-year-old African American woman traveled to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and posed for a photo with the first black president and his wife.

When she got a glimpse of the president, it was as if she was seeing a old friend. She stretched her arms out wide and let out a boisterous "yay!"

To mark the joyous occasion she did a little dance, captured in a video that has since gone viral online. "I tell you, I thought I would never live to get in the White House," she told President and Mrs. Obama after posing for a picture. "I am so happy."

Virginia McLaurin was one of several guests who joined the President and First Lady for a reception celebrating Black History Month at the White House. "A black president. A black wife," she said, as the Obama's annotated her comments. "And I'm here to celebrate black history."

Before the trio took a photo, President Obama asked her, "what's the secret to still dancing at 106?" She responded with movement. "Just keep moving," the First Lady said with a smile.

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