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Stephen Colbert Dreams Up Ben & Jerry's Flavors For 2016 Candidates

Jan 28, 2016

Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's fame has launched a special Bernie Sanders-themed ice cream, and on Wednesday's episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to come up with flavors for some of the other presidential candidates.

First, though, Colbert explains that the Bernie Sanders flavor is called Bernie's Yearning, "which I gotta say, to me, sounds like a softcore porno." He then spends a very entertaining 25 seconds testing out his Bernie Sanders impression.

The problem, Colbert explains, is that "this delicious treat is a violation of the well-known ice cream equal time law. Legally, Ben has to give equal churn time to all the other candidates by making a flavor for each of them."

He then proceeds to come up with his own flavors. Among them: Caramel Fiorina, Martin O'Mallomar, Mike Huckabee's Life Begins at Confection and Hillary's Whatever Flavor You Want This to Be.

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