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Zac Efron Got Punched In the Face During a Brawl on Skid Row

Zac Efron
Roger Kisby / Getty Images

Guess he wasn't "The Lucky One" in this fight (zing)

This weekend, actor Zac Efron was for some reason hanging out in the notoriously dangerous Skid Row area of Los Angeles and ended up getting socked in the mouth after an altercation with a group of homeless people.

Police say they saw Efron and his bodyguard “in a full-blown melee with at least 3 other people,” according to TMZ. Apparently his car had run out of gas and while waiting for a tow truck, he threw a bottle out the window and it smashed on the ground near “a group of transients.” They apparently attacked Efron and his bodyguard, and the actor ended up getting punched hard in the mouth.

Law enforcement officials told TMZ that nobody was arrested because they viewed it as “mutual combat.”

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