Photographed for TIME on August 7, 2015 in New York City.
Photograph By Platon For TIME
August 27, 2015

Stephen Colbert’s Night Vision
If anyone can put the edge back in late night, it’s him

The Price and Promise of Hillary Clinton’s Wobbly Summer
The Clintons have always been a high-wire act

Meet YouTube’s View Master
YouTube is the ultimate destination for kids on the Internet—and Susan Wojcicki plans to keep them hooked

Doctors on Life Support
Doctors are stressed, burned out, depressed, and when they suffer, so do their patients. Inside the movement to save the mental health of America’s doctors

Inside Vladimir Putin’s Circle
The dangerous rise of Kremlin hard-liners

Ted Cruz: Right Turns Only
The candidate’s radical plan to win the White House

The Fight Against Blood Diamonds Continues
It’s been 15 years since the global crackdown. But the industry is still tainted by conflict and misery

Everyone’s a Superhero at Marvel
The brand is winning new fans by bringing diversity to comic books

Best of Fall Arts

The Man Who Would Be Jobs
Michael Fassbender stars in a new biopic

A Founder of the Treasury Cashes in on Broadway
The new musical Hamilton has taken New York by storm

Ellen Page Comes Out a Fighter in Freeheld
The actress stars in a new movie about marriage equality

Inside the World of Ballet’s Tormented Swans
Flesh and Bone debuts on Starz

The Best of Fall Art
From Dutch treats and far-flung Pop to Picasso in 3-D

The Weeknd Gets Down and Dirty Atop the Charts
A new album, Beauty Behind the Madness, is out Aug. 28

Hosting My Own Podcast Taught Me a Lot About Myself
Including how to cry

9 Questions With Mindy Kaling
The creator and star of The Mindy Project talks about her new book, Why Not Me?, her dream guest star and the importance of two minutes

What Hasn’t Been Fixed Since the Last Market Crash?
A rout carries echoes of 2008

It’s a Deadly Summer for U.S. Cities
Inside the troubling numbers

Joe Biden Weighs One More Shot at the Job He Always Wanted
Will he or won’t he?

How to Prevent the Next Hurricane Katrina
Billions have been spent. It’s not enough.

Scott Walker Fights Back by Campaigning More Like Donald Trump
The candidate has become one of Trump’s many targets

8 Ideas Making Schools Better for Kids
Reforms from start-time to recess

The High Stakes of Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal
Predicting the likely fallout

The Empire City Burns Bright In a Major Debut Novel

Peculiar Patents

Sky Pool

Why the Dating Game Is Rigged–Against Women

Europe’s Struggle With Lone-Wolf Terrorists


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Why Are Flight Prices So Low?
Airfare prices dipped 5.6% from June to July, the biggest monthly drop since 1995, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index. Three factors are driving the decline:

A Voice to Say, This Land Is My Land

America’s Drone Danger

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