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Watch This Tiny Kid's Adorable Attempts at Taekwondo

Aug 10, 2015

Remember those adorable twin toddlers who, back in 2013, had the cutest Taekwondo fight of all time? Well, there's a new tiny Taekwondo practitioner on the Internet, and he's really cute too. Like almost unfathomably cute, considering he's not a puppy or a baby wombat.

Watch as the tiny tot tries every possible strategy he can think of in order to break a board. He tries everything — jumping on it, kicking at it, knocking it over, stomping on it — and does not stop, even as his classmates giggle. That's perseverance.

Finally the little warrior figures out how to break the board, earning himself a white belt. He should also get some kind of special medal or patch for creativity and awesomeness.

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