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Here Are 37 of Our Favorite TIME Virtual Reality Memes

Aug 06, 2015

The Aug. 17, 2015, TIME cover, featuring Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey using his virtual reality headset, has inspired countless memes. Below are some of our favorites. And you can read the cover story, which is about how virtual reality will revolutionize the way we play, here:

@dailydot @TIME Hey y'all.

— Monica Riese (@monicariese) August 6, 2015

@dailydot @Danielleri @TIME not mine, but it's my favourite for sure

— generic_treats.txt (@arranseaton) August 6, 2015

RKO OUTTA NOWHERE @dailydot @RandyOrton

— Nada (@LaBeowulf) August 6, 2015

.@dailydot @TIME alright here we go

— it's ammnontet!!! (@ammnontet) August 6, 2015

@dailydot @TIME Witness HIM!

— Joseph M. Santi (@JoeAconite) August 6, 2015

@dailydot @TIME Special Edition

— Joseph M. Santi (@JoeAconite) August 6, 2015

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