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This Baby Elephant Playing With Birds Will Remind You That Not Everything Is Awful

Jul 29, 2015

There is a whole lot of ugliness and despair in this world, but occasionally, something will happen to remind us that not everything is terrible. Some things are actually wonderful. Like this baby elephant in South Africa who was spotted playing with birds.

You'll see the sprightly, good-natured elephant calf chasing a flock of swallows in Kruger National Park. We can only imagine that shortly after this video was recorded, the elephant struck up a friendship with a few of the birds and now they're all off somewhere creating a special language. Because miracles can and do happen.

Mini Horses and Toddler Friends May Be the Cutest Thing Ever Published in LIFE

3-year-old cover girl Cynthia West with Chauncey.
3-year-old cover girl Cynthia West with Chauncey.Ed Clark—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
3-year-old cover girl Cynthia West with Chauncey.
Ronnie getting sized up.
Ronnie stands uncomfortably with normal horse collar. He eats only four pounds of hay a day compared to 40 pounds for draft horse.
A young girl with Chauncey the miniature horse.
Chauncey and 2 larger horses.
Cedric being held by a trainer.
Cynthia riding Cedric.
Cynthia with two miniature horses at the Lilliput Ranch in California.
Cynthia showing some love for Cedric.
Ronnie and the Great Pyrenees are taken for a walk.
3-year-old cover girl Cynthia West with Chauncey.
Ed Clark—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
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