Wide eyed Owl
In this July 21, 2015 photo, provided by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Sophie Berman crouches over a small owl, making a brief video before the bird flew away, near Rainbow Lakes, outside Nederland, Colo.  Dan Walter—AP

This Little Owl Faced Off With a Sheriff's Deputy and Totally Won

Jul 25, 2015

This tiny owl may be cute, but don't let it fool you: it has more sass in its little talon than a Colorado sheriff's deputy.

Boulder County Sheriff’'s Deputy Sophie Berman came across a wee owl in her patrols on Tuesday and got into a staring contest with the bird while filming it, the Associated Press reports. Her feathered foe stood unwavering for several minutes, making clicking sounds in response to Berman's words. Finally, the owl decided it was above the game and turned its back on Berman and flew away.


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A six month old female baby koala sits on her mother's head on January 22, 2014 at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany.
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