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John Boehner Gave Nancy Pelosi Chocolate for Her Birthday, Which Is a Bummer 'Cause She Gave It Up for Lent

Mar 26, 2014

It's hard enough to give up a favorite food during Lent, but it's even harder when someone sends you a lot of it.

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) sent Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pints of chocolate gelato for her birthday today.

"Here's hoping — and guessing — you didn't give up chocolate for Lent," says a letter addressed from Boehner. She posted the present on Instagram:

Indeed, the Congresswoman did give up chocolate, The Huffington Post's Jennifer Bendery tweeted yesterday:

It's no secret on the Hill that Pelosi is a chocoholic. She credited Ghirardelli chocolate squares for getting her through the health care debate in 2010. "I knew I loved my husband when I said I would give up chocolate for him," she told that same Huffington Post's Bendery in 2012. "But I also knew he loved me because he'd never ask me to do such a thing."

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