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An assortment of American soda, juice, and beer bottle caps mostly from the 1950s and early 1960s. Some are flipped-over to show cork backing. (Photo by Blank Archives/Getty Images) Blank Archives—Getty Images

The Coca-Cola Bottle is Getting Its Own Documentary

Apr 13, 2015

A documentary about the classic Coca-Cola bottle? It's about time.

Timed to its 100th anniversary, Matthew Miele will produce a documentary this year on the bottle's history, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film will focus on the bottle since its invention in 1915 and its influence on pop art, cinema and artists like Andy Warhol.

“When I can hold up a Coca-Cola bottle and ask, ‘is this art or is this commerce?’ and most commonly hear ‘it’s both,’ that sets the stage for an intriguing narrative,” said Miele, who intends to interview personalities and luminaries across various industries.

Coca-Cola has approved the project and will help pay for marketing.

See Photos of Vintage Coca-Cola Signs from New York City to Bangkok

Coca-Cola signs at a roadside store marked "For Colored," 1938.Margaret Bourke-White—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images
A Frenchman considers Coke's allure in 1950.
A Coke truck makes its rounds in 1950 France.
Coca-Cola is on sale at Jimmie's Trailer Camp on U.S. 1, outside Washington, D.C., in 1938.
A French Coca-Cola truck pauses on its route in 1950.
A Coca-Cola road sign beckons on the Autobahn between Munich and Salzberg, Germany, 1947.
Coca-Cola throws shoulders for a space among competing brands in 1938.
A Thai billboard makes a suggestion in 1950.
Summer Days on Cape Cod, 1946
A drugstore boasts both Cokes for sale and the name of the then-first lady in Puerto Rico in 1943.
Boy selling Coca Cola from roadside stand., 1936
Coca-Cola signs at a roadside store marked "For Colored," 1938.
Margaret Bourke-White—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Imag
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