PJL: April 2014 (Part 1)

Kadir Van Lohuizen—NOOR

Curated by Mikko Takkunen, a collection of the most interesting photojournalism and documentary from across the web.

Features and Essays

Kadir van Lohuizen for The New York Times
Kadir van Lohuizen—NOOR for The New York Times

Kadir van Lohuizen: Rising Seas | Borrowed Time on Disappearing Land (New York Times) Some areas of the globe are especially vulnerable to rising sea levels. As land recedes under advancing waters, governments are faced with the costs of building defensive seawalls and relocating coastal populations — and in some extreme cases, finding new homes for entire island nations.

Valerio Bispuri: Typhoon Yolanda: the aftermath (Echo Photo Agency) Four months after the typhoon , the situation on the island of Leyte is still dramatic.

Chris Steele-Perkins: Myanmar Muslims (Magnum) After decades of oppression and corruption Myanmar is looking to a brighter future

Bryan Denton: Campaign of Resilience (New York Times) Photos on Afghanistan’s presidential campaigns

Lynsey Addario: The New Face of Afghanistan (LightBox) Addario traveled to Afghanistan ahead of upcoming presidential elections, where the first female governor in the country, Habiba Sarabi, is now the first woman running for vice-president

Victor J. Blue for MSNBC
Victor J. Blue for MSNBC

Victor J. Blue: Afghans kick off historic election (MSNBC) Blue captured some of the candidates as well as ordinary Afghans in the run-up to the election, and spoke to them about their hopes for a more peaceful and prosperous future.

Tyler Hicks: Voting in Afghanistan Amid Unrelenting Violence (New York Times) In bullet-ridden Afghan districts, free vote seems an empty promise

Edwin Koo: Paradise in a Pakistani Valley (New York Times Lens blog) A photographer’s at first puzzling encounter with people displaced from their beloved Swat Valley led him to consider what makes a place paradise.

Lynsey Addario—UNHCR
Lynsey Addario—UNHCR

Lynsey Addario: Million Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (TIME.com) Syrian refugees account for one-fourth of Lebanon’s population

Hossein Fatemi: Veiled Truths (New York Times) In Iran, the government insists that all women wear hijab, whenever they are in the presence of men who are not close relatives

Larry Towell: Maidan Square Demonstrations (Magnum) Panoramic photos from February’s turmoil in Kiev

Lauren Fleishman: Grande Dame of Paris (LightBox) Tribute to the Eiffel Tower on its 125th birthday

Rick Loomis—Los Angeles Times
Rick Loomis—Los Angeles Times

Rick Loomis: Central African Republic: Flight from Rage (Los Angeles Times) Loomis spent two weeks in the Central African Republic reporting on the sectarian violence there. He followed a convoy of Muslim refugees on a harrowing 400-mile journey to safety in Cameroon.

Michael Zumstein: Crisis in Central African Republic (Agence Vu)

James Whitlow Delano: In Cameroon’s Rain Forest, a Fragile Way of Life (Bloomberg) In Cameroon’s Anglophone southwest, the unpaved highways and lack of electrical power contrast with the infrastructure in the more politically powerful Francophone regions.

Pieter Hugo: Portraits of Reconciliation (New York Times Magazine) 20 years after the genocide in Rwanda, reconciliation still happens one encounter at a time

Susana Raab
Susana Raab

Susana Raab: The Other Washington (Politico magazine) Exploration of the other side of Washington, D.C.—the poverty-stricken, blighted communities in the far northeast and east of Anacostia River that seem to go unnoticed, eclipsed by the classical monuments, political imbroglio and international intrigue, literally, next door.

Christopher Anderson: Portraits of 26 Musicians Who Shaped New York City (New York Magazine) As part of the magazine’s look back at pop music in New York City over the past 100 years, New York/Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson shot these portraits of 26 musicians who shaped the sound of the five boroughs.

Alex Majoli: ‘Mad Men’ Up Close: Photos From the Set of the Celebrated Show (LightBox) Majoli’s black and white portraits of the Mad Men cast harken back to long gone years when photographers worked and mingled backstage and, every once in a while, came away with pure gold.

Richard Renaldi: Manhattan Sunday (The New Yorker’s Photo Booth) A series of early-morning portraits from New York

Alejandro Cegarra: Venezuela’s ‘vertical slum’ (CNN Photos) Located in Venezuela’s capital is the Tower of David, a half-finished skyscraper that has become a slum for thousands of people. Photographer Alejandro Cegarra, who lives near the building, visited last year and documented the lives of those who call the tower home.


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