Jonathan Woods (in orange) assists ironworkers as they remove the 13-foot-long jib from the beacon at the very top of 1 World Trade Center in New York City on Sept. 28, 2013.
Douglas Holgate—New York On Air for TIME
By Mia Tramz
March 10, 2014

On Friday, March 7, LightBox hosted a live Twitter chat with TIME Senior Editor of Photo and Interactive, Jonathan Woods, and Mike Franz of Gigapan, who created the 1 World Trade Center interactive panorama. Woods and Franz took questions about picking the right equipment, the technology they used to make the panorama, and potential future projects. Below, we’ve archived the 10 best questions and answers from the chat. To see the whole chat, visit @TimePictures on Twitter or search the hashtag #AskLightbox.

On the software they used to make the panorama:

.@crouchphoto We used a special piece of software from @gigapan called Capture Studio. – @Franz2770 #1WTC #AskLightbox

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On picking the right equipment:

.@gimmeocean We chose a 100mm based on depth of field in proximity to the spire & the amt of time we had access. – @Franz2770 #AskLightbox

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On troubleshooting technical issues:

.@gimmeocean A setting on the camera that dictates which card (CF or SD) to which the images are saved. @jonwoods #AskLightBox #1WTC

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On gaining access to 1 World Trade Center:

.@c_risch Convincing stakeholders we could execute an inherently technical & potentially dangerous project – @jonwoods #AskLightBox #1WTC

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On the number of images it took to make the 360 panorama:

.@TierraUniversu 9a-2p on 9/28/13. Why 567? 27 columns x 21 rows for a full 360. – @jonwoods #1wtc #AskLightbox

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On getting a perfectly clear day:

How hard was it to get a clear day with perfect light and weather for the Gigapan 1 WTC photo + what time of day was it shot? #AskLightbox

— AliFenwick (@AliFenwick) March 7, 2014

On the final result:

@timepictures What was the final high-res file width x height and final resolution in gigapixels? #1WTC #AskLightbox

— Ronnie Miranda (@activecomp) March 7, 2014

On the potential practical applications of the panorama:

@jonwoods has there been any interest in using the #1WTC image to look at urban planning in NYC #AskLightBox

— Adam Glanzman (@glanzpiece) March 7, 2014

On future projects:

.@gimmeocean YES to a series. @burjkhalifa has been done before, so we’d need to do it in a new way. – @jonwoods #AskLightBox #1WTC

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014

On the ironworkers that built 1 World Trade Center:

.@acsifferlin They thought it was beautiful. They’re proud to have been part of our project. That’s humbling – @jonwoods #1WTC #AskLightBox

— TIME LightBox (@timepictures) March 7, 2014


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