Amy Toensing for The National Geographic

PJL: May 2013 (Part 2)

May 20, 2013

Features and Essays

Amy Toensing for The National GeographicAmy Toensing for The National Geographic 

Amy Toensing: First Australians (National Geographic) Aboriginals had the continent to themselves for 50,000 years. Today they make up less than 3 percent of the population, and their traditional lifestyle is disappearing. Almost. In the homelands the ancient ways live on. | From the June 2013 issue of the National Geographic magazine.

Marcus Bleasdale: Last of the Viking Whalers (National Geographic) Norway reserves the right to hunt minkes. But kids don’t want to grow up to be whalers.

Dmitry Kostyukov: Dagestan (LightBox) After the FBI announced that two brothers from southern Russia had bombed the Boston Marathon, the world's attention quickly turned to where these brothers had come from — a lush strip of highlands called Dagestan. Photographer Dmitry Kostyukov reports from the Russian republic.

Arthur Bondar: Signatures of War (The Huffington Post) Soviet Veterans Of World War II

Ivan Sigal: White Road (NYT Lens) Trek through Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Eric Thayer / ReutersEric Thayer / Reuters 

Eric Thayer: Along the Southern border (Reuters) Border Patrol agents are recording a rise in deaths and apprehensions in south Texas,where the Rio Grande River separates the U.S. from Mexico. | Thayer on working on the series

Erin Trieb: Faces of the NRA: Inside America's gun club (NBC News)

Matt Mills McKnight: The Klansman (CNN Photo blog)

Daniel SheaDaniel Shea 

Daniel Shea: Chicago Fire (The Fader) On the ground, navigating the city’s epidemic of youth violence. | Related on HuffPost Live: Lens on Chicago Violence

Phillip Toledano: Beatitude's Dementia Ward (Photo Booth) Retirement community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ilona Szwarc: A Daughter-in-Law’s Tale (LightBox) Photographer Ilona Szwarc's camera has brought her closer to her mother-in-law than she could ever imagine.

Brandon Thibodeaux: When Morning Comes (Esquire Russia) Life in the Mississippi Delta

Jeffrey Milstein: Flying (Slate Behold photo blog) Airports from the flying viewpoint

Ruth Prieto Arenas: In Color, the Waitresses in a Restaurant for Lonely Men (NYT Lens) Photos of Mexican women in The United States

Jay L. Clendenin: A Coachella Double Take (LA Times Framed photo blog)

Mae Ryan: Imported Filipino Brides (AudioVision) United States

Massimo Berruti / Agence VUMassimo Berruti / Agence VU 

Massimo Berruti: On Pakistan’s Election Trail (LightBox) Photographs of the build-up to Pakistan’s elections, which were held May 11.

Tyler Hicks: Preparing for Watershed Elections in Pakistan (NYT)

Andrea Bruce: Pakistan, as Seen Through its Railways (NYT)

Zhang Kechun: Chinese Dream (MoST)

Philip Cheung: Shifting Sands: Surreal Landscapes of the United Arab Emirates (LightBox)

Cedric Arnold: Thailand’s Magical Tattoos (Slate Behold photo blog)

GMB Akash: Factories of Death (Panos Pictures) Bangladesh

Behrouz Mehri: Sister battles breast cancer (AFP Correspondent blog) Tehran photographer Behrouz Mehri documents his sister's battle against terminal breast cancer

Hajime Kimura: Life And Death Of A Japanese Racehorse (NPR)

Mauricio Lima for The New York TimesMauricio Lima for The New York Times 

Mauricio Lima: Brazilian Military’s Crucible: Jungle Warfare Instruction (NYT)

Miquel Dewever-Plana: Guatemala, trial of a genocide (Agence Vu)

Helge Skodvin: Norway, 240 Landscape (Agence Vu) 2 850 000 Volvo 240 cars were made between 1974 and 1993. It became the car of choice of the Nordic countries. 84 287 were sold in Norway. More than any other car, the 240 became a symbol of Norwegian and Nordic values.

Maja Daniels: Monette and Mady (Slate Behold photo blog) The identical life of identical twins, Monette and Mady

Chloe Dewe Mathews: Summoning the Caretos (Firecracker) Portugal

Piotr Malecki: Disco Polo Fever (Panos Pictures) Poland

Warrick Page: London Burlesque (Stern)

Hector Mediavilla: The Surprising Sartorial Culture Of Congolese 'Sapeurs' (NPR)

Alexia Webster: South African Village Still Grappling with Apartheid (NYT Lens)

Guillaume Herbaut: Benin: Independence Day Parade (Institute)

Siegfried Modola: Ethiopia's ancient salt trails (Reuters)

Riverboom: Maternity in Cameroon (Institute)


Taslima AkhterTaslima Akhter 

Final Embrace: The Most Haunting Photograph from Banglandesh(LightBox) Many powerful photographs have been made in the aftermath of the devastating collapse of a garment factory on the outskirts of Dhaka, Bangladesh. But one photo, by Bangladeshi photographer Taslima Akhter, has emerged as the most heart wrenching, capturing an entire country’s grief in a single image.

Not So Long Ago, In Iraq (Vanity Fair) Images and captions excerpted from Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq, by Michael Kamber, with an introduction by Dexter Filkins. The book came out on May 15, 2013, via University of Texas Press.

Tomás Munita: 2013 Recipient of the Chris Hondros Fund Award (LightBox)

Honoring a Fallen Photographer’s Spirit (NYT Lens) Tomás Munita Wins Chris Hondros Fund Award

Iconic war photography - audio slideshow (Guardian) War/Photography has won the prestigious Kraszna-Krausz best photography book award at this year's Sony world photography awards. Here, author Anne Wilkes Tucker explains the meaning and history of photography in armed conflict and what constitutes an iconic war photograph

Robert Fisk on War Reporting (Indepedent)

Enhanced Reality: Exploring the Boundaries of Photo Editing (Spiegel Online) Even top news photographers have their work digitally enhanced these days. Mounting competition in the market for news images is forcing photo-journalists to make their output as dramatic as possible. But where are the limits of cosmetic improvement? | Related: The Story Behind a Photo: How Prize-Winning Images Are Edited (video)

Is the 'Press Photo of the Year' Actually Photoshop Art? (The Atlantic Wire)

Digital photography experts confirm the integrity of Paul Hansen’s image files (World Press Photo)

Super-reality of Gaza funeral photo due to toning technique says contest winner (Guardian)

No Sense of Irony In Hansen “Fake” Journalism Accusation (PDN)

Hansen’s World Press Winning Photo Not Fake… Just Unbelievable (BagNewsNotes)

Arko Datta / ReutersArko Datta / Reuters 

The Rhetoric of Prize-Winning Photographs (No Caption Needed)

When Words are Photoshopped (No Caption Needed)

Who believes photographs? (David Campbell blog)

Tattoo Removal on the Photo Desk (NYT)

Ethics? What ethics? State-of-the-art photo retouching tips from 1946 (American Copy Editors Society)

Everybody Street (Nowness) A New Documentary Turns the Lens on New York’s Luminary Curbside Photographers

Revisiting Some Well-Eyed Streets (NYT) Garry Winogrand Retrospective in San Franscisco

Garry Winogrand – Nonstop and Unedited (NYT Lens)

Garry Winogrand, edited by Leo Rubinfien et al – review (Guardian) Winogrand's photos on the Guardian website here

Supporting Photographers, Moving Walls (LightBox) The Open Society Foundations mark their 20th group exhibition of "Moving Walls" — a project reflecting the group's support for long-term documentary photography.

Moving Walls — and Minds (NYT Lens) Open Society Foundation's 20th 'Moving Walls' Exhibition

Donna DeCesare captures children in a world of gangs (AudioVision)

Jon Lowenstein on the South Side: Shots Fired (BagNewsNotes)

Featured photographer: Chiara Tocci (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Sam Wolson (Verve Photo)

Featured photographer: Lorenzo Tugnoli (Verve Photo)

David Moore's best photograph – children on a Derby estate (Guardian)

FT Weekend Magazine, May 11/12 2013FT Weekend Magazine, May 11/12 2013 

Vanessa Winship : Looking for America (FT Magazine) On her road trip across the US, British photographer Vanessa Winship captured the smallness of ordinary lives set against a vast backdrop of land, sky and the illusion of escape

Each picture paints 1,000 words in Vanessa Winship's US photos (BBC)

Vanessa Winship: she dances on Jackson (Nowness)

Book review: Control Order House by Edmund Clark (Rationalist Association)

Publisher Bets on Big Collectible Books (WSJ) While many book publishers are heavily investing in the digital frontier, Benedikt Taschen is looking to corner the market in oversize collectible books.

JR's Times Square Photo Booth (Photo Booth)

Alexandra Avakian's revolutionary photography (AudioVision)

Documenting Quiet, Deadly Hardship in Sierra Leone (American Photo magazine) Mustafah Abdulaziz's series "Water Is Gold" takes us to a place where access to clean water is a matter of life and death

Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachromes Revisited (LightBox) Jeffrey Ladd writes for LightBox about a recently re-released edition of Luigi Ghirri's 1978 book, 'Kodachrome'.

Is Nobuyoshi Araki's photography art or porn? (Guardian) Araki's pictures of trussed-up women in various states of undress – currently on show in London – explore the hidden eroticism beneath Japan's polite society

Precious, by Jane Hilton, review (Telegraph) Precious, by Jane Hilton, captures intimate scenes in the brothels of Nevada.

This Week In Photography Books – Walker Evans (A Photo Editor)

Don McCullin to headline Visa pour l'Image's 25th edition (BJP)

Image Singulières festival presents Cédric Gerbehaye's Winter in Sète (BJP) Documentary photographer Cédric Gerbehaye received carte blanche to document Sète, which hosts, each year, the Image Singulières photography festival

Tom Waits – through the lens of photographer Anton Corbijn (Guardian)

America in Color by Martin Parr (Photo Booth)

Anarchy, Attitude and Outrage: When Punk was Young and Dangerous (LightBox)
TIME looks back, through the work of three photographers—Alex Levac, Steve Johnston and Ray Stevenson—to the early days of Punk, by reproducing their gritty images in the photocopied aesthetic of the era.

Rhiannon Adam's Seaside Polaroids (BBC)

Terry O'Neill, Photographing the icons of the ‘60s (CNN photo blog)

Pete Pin captures Cambodian diaspora in the US (AudioVision)

David Emery's best photograph: an Andalucian brothel (Guardian)

Polaroid: The pioneering instant art (CNN Photo blog)

South Korean Newspaper May Have Just Printed the Worst Photoshop Ever (Gizmodo)

Meet the photographer behind those 'simple' Apple product images (Connect.dpreview.com)

Hipstamatic launches Oggl, a new social network for creative photographers (BJP)

How Photographers 'Photoshopped' Their Pictures Back in 1946 (PetaPixel)

Smartphones captured 2 iconic shots of new World Trade Center (Poynter)

Interviews and Talks

Peter van AgtmaelPeter van Agtmael / Magnum 

Peter van Agtmael (Vice) van Agtmael Won't Deny the Strange Allure of War

Peter van Agtmael (NYT Lens) A Photographer’s Unfiltered Account of the Iraq War

Michael Kamber (Aperture blog) Photojournalist Michael Kamber, a recipient of the World Press Photo Award, has worked in the field for more than twenty-five years. He covered the war in Iraq as a writer and photographer for the New York Times between 2003 and 2012, and he was the paper’s principle photographer in Baghdad in 2007, the war’s bloodiest year. His new book, Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq, includes illustrated interviews with three dozen of the world’s leading photojournalists about their experiences in Iraq.

Mike Kamber (BBC) On the new book - Photojournalists on War: The Untold Story from Iraq

Platon (Fora TV) Photographer Platon Reveals Power Through Portrait | video from WIRED Business Conference 2013

Larry Towell (World Press Photo) World Press Photo 2013 Sam Presser lecture

Don McCullin (Dunhill)

Sebastião Salgado and Edward Burtynsky (Globe and Mail) The world according to the photography masters

Mark Seliger (New York Magazine : The Cut) Photographer Mark Seliger on Shooting Barack Obama, Cindy Sherman, Kurt Cobain, and More

Mario Tama (Lomography)

Paul Shambroom (Minnesota Orginal)

Nic Dunlop (dvb) ‘It is no longer useful to view Burma through the prism of Suu Kyi’

Andrea Gjestvang (NYT Lens) On her project on Utoya massacre survivors

Claudio Palmisano (DE Akademie) Digital photo editing and the ethical line between aesthetics and truth?

Louie Palu (In The Tank)

Stacy Pearsall (NYT Lens) Still Shooting After the End of War

Mitch Dobrowner (LA Times Framed photo blog) In conversation with fine art photographer Mitch Dobrowner

Camille Seaman (PW)

Maja Daniels (The Stare Show Tumblr)

Brad Smith (Inside Sports Illustrated) Sports Illustrated Director of Photography Brad Smith Discusses this Week’s Leading Off

Frank Meo (PDN) Meo Weighs In on iPad vs Print Portfolio Presentation

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