March 12, 2015

The Clinton Way
They write their own rules. Will it work this time?

The American Century Isn’t Over
China won’t end U.S. dominance—but political gridlock and isolationism could

Obama’s Credit Crunch
Congress weakens the U.S. by playing politics abroad

America’s Clutter Problem
Americans have more possessions than any society in history. Can we finally take control of them?

The Case for Sports Gambling in America
There is no reason it should be illegal to put $10 on the home team

Russia’s Empire of Fear
The killing of a pro-democracy leader in Moscow has cast a chill over Russian dissidents

The Culture

Pop Chart

A Cinderella for Forever
Disney delivers a maid with moxie, undoing the animated error of 1950

The Jinx: A Real True Detective
The new reality thriller upends what cop shows have taught us

How Drake Became Rap’s Unlikely Titan
His new album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was an instant hit

Review: The Angry Bird of H Is for Hawk
A gorgeous memoir by a woman who trained a goshawk

What to Eat Now: Spring’s Early Bloomers
The season brings a rush of nutritious foods at peak flavor

In Defense of One-and-Done U
Kentucky cracks the NCAA code

No Cable, No Cry
Life is so much better since I cut the cord

10 Questions With Ethan Hawke
With the film Seymour: An Introduction, the actor and novelist adds ‘documentarian’ to his résumé


Meet Lei Jun, China’s Phone King
The CEO of China’s top smartphone maker expects a big sales bump this year

Making Good, Plus a Profit
A new type of company lures activist entrepreneurs

Netanyahu Holds Breath as Israel Goes to the Polls

POTUS the Predictor


Cardinal Edward Egan
Archbishop emeritus of New York

Sam Simon
Co-creator of The Simpsons

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