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Here Are the Best Memes From the Llama Chase

Feb 26, 2015

Two llamas were briefly on the loose in a Sun City, Ariz. retirement community Thursday afternoon before they were lassoed by authorities—a story that has lent itself to countless headlines from "llama drama" to "llow speed chase" and "llamas on the lam."

Livestreams showed men running to capture the animals as they galloped along sidewalks and green lawns for about an hour, Arizona's ABC 15 reports. The black llama was captured first, while the white llama managed to keep sprinting until it was eventually lassoed and put in the back of a pickup truck. The names and owners of the llamas have yet to be released.

While the chase is over, the memes are still streaming in, including a fake Twitter account @SunCityLlamas, a music video, and a "Which Runaway Llama Are You?" online quiz. Here are some of our favorite memes and jokes that have emerged on Twitter:

And one alpaca joke:

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Wildlife Smuggled Through Airport Security

Thailand Tiger Luggage
A baby tiger cub is found in the suitcase of a woman flying from Bangkok to Iran, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok, Thailand. Authorities at the airport found the baby tiger cub that had been drugged and hidden among stuffed toy tigers in the suitcase. Photo release Aug. 22, 2010.Suvarnabhumi Airport Wildlife Checkpoint/AP
Thailand Tiger Luggage
Handout photo of Giant African Snails confiscated at Los Angeles International Airport
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IN FRIGHT SERVICEA plane passenger with dozens of deadly tarantula spiders hidden in his luggage was arrested as he tried to smuggle the creepy-crawly cargo past customs officials in Zurich Airport, Switzerland.The male passenger - who has not been named by police - had stashed the spiders in six boxes hidden in a suitcase he'd brought in on a flight from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.The specimens - all endangered Mexican red kneed tarantulas - are understood to have died of cold during the flight.Experts say they can live for up to 30 years and adults have a leg span of up to six inches. (Newscom TagID: epphotos014605.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]
A baby tiger cub is found in the suitcase of a woman flying from Bangkok to Iran, at Suvarnabhumi Airport, in Bangkok,

Suvarnabhumi Airport Wildlife Checkpoint/AP
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