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Watch This Wrestler's Endearing Plea to Madonna to Let Him Use 'Like a Prayer' as Walk-On Music

Feb 18, 2015

The best professional wrestlers have always understood the power of a good entrance tune. Ric Flair was famous for strutting to the ring in rhinestone robes to “Also sprach Zarathustra.” Hulk Hogan blended shirt-ripping adrenaline with red-blooded patriotism to the likes of “Real American.”

Scottish independent wrestler Grado also knows what gets his fans going, and it's Madonna’s acclaimed 1989 hit “Like a Prayer.” He's been entering the ring to it for two years.

However, according to the Grado, the pop diva has reportedly denied the wrestler the right to use the track in an upcoming TNA Impact event. The cult figure has now taken to the Twittersphere with the hashtag: “#SayYesMadonna” to rally his fans to encourage Madonna to allow him to use the song.

"Emails were sent between networks and publishers and everyone [else] is agreed," says Grado. “I never want to use any other theme music.”

Come on, Madonna. He’s down on his knees.

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