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October 2, 2014

The Race to Stop Ebola in Africa
What the world needs to do to fight the deadly virus

Ebola Arrives in America
The West African epidemic lands stateside

The Delta Blues
Two town meetings, two very different kinds of despair

Our Dysfunctional Financial System
Tapes of what really happens between bankers and regulators show how far we have to go

New Apps for the Brain
These programs turn learning into a game

America’s Real Problem in Iran: Ayatullah Khamenei
The country’s most powerful person isn’t interested in diplomacy

Driving While High
Deadly crashes involving pot are on the rise. But stopping stoned drivers won’t be easy

How Dope Affects Driving
TIME talked to Dr. Marilyn Huestis, a lead marijuana researcher at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, to assess key side effects of driving while high.

Hong Kong Seeks Democracy in China’s Shadow

America’s Not So Distant War in Syria
The air war may be feel remote. Give it time

Leon Panetta: The White House Made a Mistakes in Iraq
The former Secretary of Defense discusses how the U.S. misplayed Iraqi troop talks

Meet Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi
The Big Soda boss is pledging a less sugary future

The Culture

Pop Chart

Alan Cumming’s Life Was No Cabaret
The Scottish actor reveals his harsh boyhood in a new memoir

Tinashe’s Confident Debut
R&B singer arrives right on trend

Lost Boys Come to America in The Good Lie
Horror and heart lie at center of new film

The Internet’s Gone Nostalgia-Crazy
Why our digital lives swirl with the remembrance of everything past

10 Questions with Cornel West
The philosopher and agitator talks about prophets, presidents and breaking the law for John Coltrane




A Risky Business


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